August Summer Festival Time in Jerusalem

During August in Jerusalem, Israel, the weather gets hot during the day,

 and lots of people travel north or leave the country. 

But there is so much to do in the capital:

image Beer Festival in Hebrew

the annual Beer Festival,

 the International Puppet Festival and Jerusalem Klezmer just to name a few.

School is out.  

Summer camps are over.

Keeping children happy and safe occupies most everyone,

and that includes parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and the office staff.

image Israel Museum

Free admission and special activities for kids at the Israel Museum in August

image Israel Museum for children

 brought out thousands of families.

image actor dressed half man and half woman

This optical illusion was so much more impressive from the front.

Israel Museum special day

These performers at first looked like a statue, 

image of performers in mime

but this really needs a video to do it justice;

Israel Museum special activities

they were impressive no matter how you looked at them.

image Israel Museum crowd

Keeping track of who you came in with was a problem with the large crowds.

Israel Museum special show

This percussionist was working hard.

image Israel Museum special summer program

His loud music and great rhythms kept everyone’s attention,

two little boys on shoulders to see music at Israel Museum,

 and some had a better view than others.

Israel Museum special show

Not all acts were loud, this mime didn’t make a sound,

and had his audience quietly participating, but with lots of oohs and aahs.

Israel Museum special exhibit outside

Mirrored reflection was also quiet and a great photo op.

little girl looking at Dome at Israel Museum

Any day at the Israel Museum,

the distinctive dome of the Shrine of the Book is impressive to see.

But at least one night this week the kids will be left at home,

as the museum hosts its popular Wine Festival.

image sign Hebrew sports

I got to the Maccabiah Opening, but this year missed the street ball in Kikar Safra.

sign for Trains at First station

There is still plenty of time for the miniature trains, as they did not open on schedule.

If all this is not cultural enough for you, 

image actors in medieval costumes,, Bloomfield Park

how about Shakespeare in the Park?

image actors in costume

Richard III will be presented in English in Bloomfield Park, (near the Windmill).

Who has time to go out of town

when there are so many events happening in Jerusalem? 

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