Shimon Peres: World Leaders in Jerusalem, Israel

Usually the streets are busy on Friday mornings,

especially before an approaching holiday,

but in Jerusalem, Israel, this was no regular Friday morning.

streets blocked

Main streets were closed to traffic,

even some schools had to close,

as the main Route #1 into Jerusalem

was reserved for the personal motorcade of

US President Barak Obama.

The funeral for former President Shimon Peres

was not to be a usual funeral either.

The state funeral at Har Herzl

crowd at funeral

brought together an array of international leaders,

like Jerusalem or the world has ever seen.

Barak Obama at funeral

President Obama flew in and out of Israel

for the funeral in Har Herzl cemetery.

Funeral Shimon Peres

President Reuven Rivlin spoke

funeral Peres Benjamin Netanyahu

as did Prime Minister Netanyahu,

Bill Clinton Benjamin Netanyahu

 former US President Bill Clinton,

and current US President Barak Obama.

funeral Shimon Peres

The entire funeral event was live-streamed around the world.

kippa on heads of president Rivlin and Obama

Imagine all those world leaders wearing kippot on their heads,

Prince Charles and John Kerry

Prince Charles even had a special one,

not like John Kerry’s plain black style.

What will happen next as the old year 5776 ends?

Yes, it was not your usual Friday in Jerusalem.

so I had to share more than a simple Shabbat Shalom,

Mahahumd Abbas at funeral in Jeusalem

Was that Mahmoud Abbas shaking hands in the front row

in Jerusalem, Israel, today?

One thing for sure,

Shimon Peres proved that most anything is possible.

If you hang in there long enough,

you can become a president.

During Operation Protective Edge in 2014,

while Peres was still in office,

young children from the south were invited for

a fun day camp at Beit Hanasi,

the Israeli President’s house.

This clown put a dove on the President’s head,

Performers at Beit Hanasi put dove on hear of President Shimon Peres

those children should remember the moment forever.

Peres pursued peace, and for at least one moment

the bird of peace was truly upon his head.

A solemn day, but

I like to remember the great video recorded after his presidency.

Now it is time to prepare for Shabbat,

time to get back to “normal.”

שבת שלום

שנה טובה

Shabbat shalom

Happy New Year.

Jerusalem Prepares for Obama Visit

Today US President Barak Obama is to arrive in Jerusalem, Israel

on Marine One, a special US presidential helicopter.


Mark Regev before Obama visit

Spokesman Mark Regev spoke to foreign journalists and answered questions

Jerusalem photo

at the Begin Center where a special press center has been set up for them.

But the real activity was out on the Jerusalem streets.

Jerusalem photo for Obama visit

Workmen were busy painting the gates at Beit Hanasi,

the Israeli President’s residence.

Flags out for Obama visit. Jerusalem photo

Flags and barriers were set up outside,

Jerusalem photo, Obama in Israel

and tents and more security barriers extend down the street.

Jerusalem photo, Obama visit

Nearby flower beds were groomed and the fences white-washed,

but I wonder if they will do something about that mailbox?

Fixing Jerusalem for Obama visit

Even new street crossing signs were installed along the route. 

Jerusalem photo, Obama visit

Traffic to Old City was backed up already;

people were out early since so many streets will be closed during the visit.

Security for Obama visit

Flags and barriers were ready to make everything perfect for Obama.

Flowers Jerusalem photo

Oops, how did this one red plant get there?

Security near hotel for Obama visit

Near the King David Hotel more tents and barriers were ready,

as the entire hotel is reserved for presidential use.

Jerusalem photo for Obama visit

These white barriers are new-they were not there for GW Bush visits.

There should be no line of vision once Obama arrives.

Security for King David Hotel Obama visit

Certainly no taxis will be allowed in front of the King David Hotel and

Obama visit security preparations

 these barriers will keep everyone far away from King David Street.

Oh and of course,

Obama visit in Israel photo

 there are more barriers near the Prime Minister’s residence.

People in these neighborhoods will have to walk home if they can,

 since many streets will be closed to pedestrians,

and the #13 bus will not be able to make its regular route.

As residents of Jerusalem complain about the inconvenience,

companies who rent security barriers have reason to celebrate.

Obama in Israel photo

This sign is posted in front of the American Center on

Keren Hayesod Street which sums it up with

the Hebrew caption coming from Obama’ s mouth that reads

“Here I Come.”

Today is the day,

ready or not Jerusalem, for