Sounds of the Old City

Sounds of the Old City,

is an annual music festival

held at night in Jerusalem, Israel.

This year the weather was cold and wintry,

View of Tower of David at night lights on

but at least the heavy rain stopped for opening night.

Walking to the starting point at Jaffa Gate,

Arab man walking in Jerusalem Israel mall

Mamilla Mall was not busy as usual.

For the festival, musicians performed

View Old City Jerusalem Israel at night

on a large stage outside on Jaffa Gate Plaza,

musicians in Old City near Jaffa Gate

and inside along the Tower of David wall.

There are nine large stages with various performances.

music Tower of David sound festival

Traverna was inside the Tower of David – in the moat.

man playing mandolin in Tower of Davis moat at Music festival

The musical styles and instruments were varied,

from Kelzemer and religious music to DJs and pop songs.

Along the route through the Old City,

musician in alleyway of old city Jerusalem Israel

musicians played alone,

musicians on Jerusalem Old City street for Sounds of Old City Festival

or as a group.

The festival is free and open to the public,

woman playing harp in Old City at night

but this harpist was looking for donations.

As every year,

people in Cardo for music concert Old City Sounds of Night music

one of the most popular performance locations is the Cardo.

Yitzhak Meir singing in the Cardo Old City Jerusalem Israel music festival at night

Yitzhak Meir was singing

people watching music at Cardo for music festival in old city at night

to an enthusiastic crowd.

Who could imagine on those streets of old,

that one day Jews would be singing and dancing to Hebrew songs,

and the powerful Roman Empire would be ancient history?

Next on to the plaza

Hurva Synagogue at night in Old City Jerusalem

by the Hurva Synagogue,

this large stage was dark between shows,

Rova night of music festival stage near the Hurva

but I had to share with you the size of the crowd.

Thousands of people were out enjoying the music.

The sounds of music have now spread outside the walls of the Old City,

and for the first time a stage is located at Zion Square.

The festival runs from Monday to Thursday,

7:00 – 11:00 pm, so there is still time to see and hear.

As I went to leave, some streets were too quiet.

Though cold and damp weather and security concerns

may have kept some away,

empty street in Old City at night Jerusalem Israel

it was still a beautiful sight,

as the sounds of music filled the Jerusalem streets.

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