Shabbat Shalom שבת שלום

The sun is not shining.

The sky is grey.

Buildings are lost in the fog.

The traffic backs up on slippery streets.

It is raining in Jerusalem, Israel.

 As much as we need rain, it is not a pretty picture.

However, any planned Friday of ‘Rage’ is a wash-out.

When we first made aliyah a woman told me, wait,

 when you are here long enough you become unlingual.

It has started. Last week, I could not think of an English word

I needed to express to a woman how much I liked what she had said.

Plus, my Hebrew gets worse and worse, by not using it often enough.

A thought posted on a Facebook comment prompted this popular poster.

Hope it makes you smile, or at least gets you thinking…

This sunset photo was taken on the road back from a visit to Gaza border.

poster from FAcebook comment on Hebrew

שבת שלום

Inspired from original text by Devorah Goodman Horev.

Hebrew version hopefully to follow next week,

meanwhile that thunder was really loud and close.

Would be nice if a rainbow would follow this storm.

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