Remembering Yitzhak Navon: 1921-2015

From 1978 – 1983

Yitzhak Navon z”l was President of Israel.

Yitzhak Navon statue at Beis Hanasi

His official place of honor at Beit Hanasi,

the Israeli President’s residence,

9 past Israeli presidents

is 5th in the line of nine former presidents.

He passed away on Shabat at the age of 94

and his funeral was held on Sunday.

Navon children arrive for funeral

First his son and daughter arrived at Beit Hanasi,

funeral Navon

as the gates were opened to the public to pay their last respects.

Navon children at funeral

President Rivlin came out to await the arrival

coffin at Beit Hanasi

of the army hearse carrying the coffin.

Military escort at funeral

This was a state funeral with dress uniforms,

Navon lying in state

an honor guard,

Funeral flowers

floral wreaths,

Navon funeral tehilim

and a military chaplain quietly reciting tehilim, psalms.

Israel president funeral

A former president of Israel lying in state,

 without the presence of foreign dignitaries.

public at Navon funeral

As the public entered and passed by the casket,

some stopped to offer a prayer.

Public invited to pay respects

Some lingered to remember

the first Sephardi president who was born in Jerusalem.

When Navon went to Egypt, he spoke Arabic to the people.

funeral at Israel president house

With the changing of the guard,

funeral with honor guard

a new guard stood at attention by the casket.

How sad it is that the a whole younger generation does not remember

this former president who lived quietly and modestly.

Many things happened this week in Jerusalem, Israel,

but we should take time and remember,

Yitzhak Navon z”l who was buried in Har Herzl cemetery

with other leaders of Israel.

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