Jerusalem Summer Nights to September Days

Ah, in Jerusalem, Israel,

image Jerusalem

 summer nights are usually cool and clear.

image bike path

Not many were out riding on the newly-constructed bike paths,

image music and dancing

but the music at First Station had crowds on their feet dancing.

image sing in Hebrew

There was a big welcome sign at the only entrance to the Jerusalem Beer Festival.

בירה the Hebrew word for “beer”‘ and “capital” is the same.

The annual event drew a protest from the Arab media this year.

Located in Gan Ha’atazmaut, Independence Park, is it possible

image park Jerusalem

 that little white circle in the bottom left,

could really be a danger?

image Hebrew sign

These “Make an agreement with Abbas, not with Hamas'” signs

were in many more locations and more on people’s minds.

image black cat, Jerusalem cat

Days this past week were hot enough to make the cats lazy,

Sign in Hebrew posted in Jerusalem

but the summer signs

image Hebrew sign

were being replaced with lots of new ones

image Jerusalem, signs Hebrew

 promoting education in Jerusalem,

as school children returned to their classrooms.

Adults took advantage of end of summer

image Israel Museum

 at The Israel Museum.

image love

In the Garden,

image Big Bambu

next to the Big Bambu, all lit up at night,

Wine Festival Is Mus 048b

was the hugely popular Wine Festival,

where twenty wineries shared samples.

Not all of the samples were wine,

Wine Festival Is Mus 044b

and not all were popular,

as tables were filled with these discarded orange shpritzes.

Children Playground at night Wine Festival Is Mus 065b

Usually the children’s wing and playground are busy places,

but not on the four nights of this festival.

Not to worry,

Wine Festival Is Mus 072b

on the way home I saw that signs were already up for a new event

at the Jerusalem Theater, “24 hours of PIANOS,”

plus there is another free concert in Kikar Safra on 11th,

 just part of what is happening

on the Jerusalem, Israel, streets this week.

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