Israel’s President

Today was sunny, clear and warm in Jerusalem, Israel.

image Knessest, sign in flowers

The flowers offered a colorful  ‘Welcome to the Knesset.”

The streets outside were unusually quiet.

But inside was a different story.

DSC_7212b Knessest building during voting for president

 With Israeli flags flying, there were three puffs of white clouds

over the Israeli Knesset building and Reuven Rivlin was elected  Israel’s 10th president.

image Peres,

This was our most recent close-up photo of outgoing President Shimon Peres.

Before his trip to Rome to see the Pope,

Pau Gasol and Shimon Peres meet.

Peres hosted basketball player Pau Gasol at Beit Hanasi,

the official Israeli President’s residence.

image Pau Gasol, photo Shimon Peres

The seven-foot tall Gasol plays for the LA Lakers,

but also was on the Spanish Olympic team,

and presented Peres with a team shirt.

image Pau Gasol, photo Shimon Peres

Gasol signed the shirt as requested.

Though looking serious in this photo,

Shimon Peres made a few age and height jokes

image Pau Gasol, photo Shimon Peres

and posed for an official photo with a mixed Arab-Jewish teen basketball team.

One thing for sure, Peres’ staff had schedules that ran like clockwork,

with the diplomats leaving as the basketball players arrived,

and when we left another event was being set up.

image Peres

 RJS’ first close-up photo of Shimon Peres is from October 2009,

no age jokes now.

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