19 Favorite Scenes this Week in Jerusalem

Raining, pouring weather in Israel in May

is most unusual, but it started last night.

Too bad that I missed getting a photo of lightning over the Knesset,

or little children splashing in puddles this afternoon.

But this was such a colorful, event-filled week it was hard to keep up,

 so I decided to share  just a few favorites scenes.

The weather had been warm and summer-like  last week,

image school trip. photo trip to Jerusalem

perfect for the many groups of children on school trips to see Jerusalem.

image air show, picture fly over, photo planes flying together

The planes  for flyover air shows are such a favorite that I did a whole blog post on them.

musicians unusual place photo, image street musicians, picture night music

What a spot for a show, in the Jaffa Gate plaza of the Old City,

with the King David Hotel as backdrop

image Israel flag, view Tower of David

The flags inside of Tower of David Museum fly all year.

But this week there were lots more flags to be seen,

image Israeli flags

my favorite decorated car was this one.

Israeli flags, Jewish Agency Building photo

The Jewish Agency Building was one of many draped with long flags.

However, I hate to see so much water being used for cleaning

when getting ready for holiday ceremonies.

Back to Israeli flags,

photo Palestinian women, Palestinian women under occupation, photo Arab women

these Arab women walked under rows of them.

image Israeli flag.

It was nice to see one hanging in a new Jerusalem yeshiva.

While down the street,

image Israeli apartheid, photo Arabs in jerusalem, picture Israeli occupation

I met these two Kurdish women.

They are in Israel with their children who are receiving life saving medical care.

It is always a favorite to share that kind of under radar story.

DSC_3626b Isareli flags hanging on building

By day there were various flags flying,

image sign in Hebrew

by night for Yom Ha’aztmaut, Independence Day

this sign warns of street closings.

The all night parties and fireworks were really something else.

Not just Israeli flags,

DSC_3661b  large flag of Jerusalem

 but Jerusalem flags are also lining major streets.

DSC_3811n lobby warning closing

I loved this warning in hotel lobby,

that things will be closed on Yom HaZikaron, Memorial Day

On our first time in Israel for Yom Ha’atzmaut our tour bus drove

for hours looking for somewhere to get food.

I never understood how that could have been so poorly scheduled,

everyone in Israel should know about these closing times.

DSC_3854 image Jerusalem for Yom Haatzmaut

Blue and white flags and cars fill on the streets,

park crowded with people, image park Jerualem , photo sacher park

and people and smoke filled  Gan Sacher, Sacher Park and other green areas.

image park, Jerusalem park on holiday.

Some people know how to stake their claim to a picnic spot.

Israel independence day image, photo Yom Haatzmaut, picture blue and white Israel

The blue and white plastic hammers keep getting bigger.

image animal independence day, photo independence day. picture dog dressed for independence day

This dog was dressed in red, white and blue.

It felt like US July 4th Independence Day, hot and muggy,

so no idea why he needed to wear anything.

image Israel indepndence day, photo Israel birthday , picture BBQ

Grilling meat went on all day,

at just this one mangal BBQ over 250 pounds of meat were consumed.

The photo of a girl in Gan Sacher in a “GO VEG” tee-shirt

came out good, but not many were paying attention to her advice

and this is getting too long.

It has cooled off and I had better get going,

after the violent weather, the sun is starting to come out.

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