President Peres Open Sukkah in Jerusalem

There is just too much to do in Jerusalem, Israel, during Sukkot.

Every year on Chol Hamoed the President has an “Open Sukkah” 

and the public is invited inside Beit Hanassi, 

the grounds of the official residence of President of Israel.

Elmo poses for photo

This year, a giant Elmo welcomed guests near the front gate, 

Sign for Open sukkah, Garden of Beit Hanasi

then they walked past this sign near the busts of Israel’s former presidents.

The theme this year was on eating healthy.

Plain sukkah in garden

While the President’s sukkah is plain white on the outside,

special sukkah photo, image sukkah, picture sukkah at Israel president's house

it is always very colorful inside.

People come to see

image president Israel, photos Shimon Peres, picture President.

President Shimon Peres, 

dancers photo, image performers

and also to enjoy the free entertainment.

Open sukkah with President Shimon Peres

The President joined in and played the tambourine during a song.

President Shimon Peres

One guest actually got to shake hands with President Peres

and Health Minister MK Yael German,

but he did not spend much time mingling with the crowd.

Cirtoens photo

Most were just happy to finally get in to the gardens.

Sukkot crowds in Jerusalem, Israel

When I left, the line was as far as one could see.

There were other events and sukkot to visit,

The Jerusalem March amazing photos will have to wait.

Now it is time to get ready for Simhat Torah 

and more singing and dancing in the Jerusalem, Israel streets.

photo chief Chazan Israel army

Hazan Shai Abramson started the President’s Open Sukkah

program with a song of the prayer “Shehecheyanu,”

hope you enjoy it to get into the holiday mood.

Moedim l’simha and chag sameach!

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