Jerusalem Lights 2013

 Jerusalem, Israel is once again hosting an international

festival of lights in The Old City.

image from Jerusalem Lights

Opening night attracted tens of thousands of people.

Young and old, foreign visitors, 

image from Jerusalem light festival

and all of Jerusalem’s diverse population were represented. 

Thousands had cameras, and countless

photographers were armed with tripods to get perfect night shots. 

As usual the problem is deciding which trail to follow first.

image from Jerusalem lights

 I decided to start with the blue trail 

Jerusalem lights Christian Quartet

which went through the streets of the Christian Quarter.

I want to share a few of my favorites.

So let’s start with

Jerusalem light festival image

the impressive Israeli light display in the Cardo.

Jerusalem light festival

I confess that I had to consult my map on this one.

Heinz Kasper used plastic bottles in this piece which was displayed

in front of the Hurva Synagogue in the Rova, Jewish Quarter.

In another courtyard in the Rova,

lights on building image

the light displayed on this building along with music, 

Jerusalem light image

 Ocubo’s Garden of our Dreams, from Portugal was popular.

Davison Garden old city image

The Israeli created changing colored lights with music

color lights on wall image

on the archeological park was impressive.

photo Kosel at ngiht

But nearby, as alway the Kotel, the Western Wall

 lit at night was an impressive sight.

image Jerusalem lights

This moving ballerina was popular to video. 

image of Damascus Gate, Shari Shechem

 “Tree of LIfe” was displayed on Shar Shechem, Damascus Gate

I thought the pinball machine there last year was more clever.

image Palestinian women

There were many light displays along the streets of the Old City,

and it is very hard to see all three trails in one night.

But I am so glad that friends told me not to miss the cave.

image in  cave

At the end of the green trail was Zedekiah’s Cave.

Zedekiah's cave

Deep under ground, from Holland was “Lotus Dome.”

Jerusalem light festival

However, the colored lights along the natural walls were stunning.

freedom of press Jeursalem

The Arab media was at Damascus Gate.

Jerusalem festival mayor image

 Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat was doing live radio from Jaffa Gate.

image Jerusalem lights

“Les Lumineoles” from France floated in the sky near Jaffa Gate,

with the illuminated walls of The Old City in the distance.

Jerusalem was a city of lights of the world to the world.


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