In Jerusalem 10 Signs of Purim Season

You can never tell what you will find on the streets of Jerusalem, Israel,

and that is especially true at this time of year.

The month of Adar has arrived,

and though the Purim holiday is still two weeks away,

Purim mask on Jerusalem street photo

here is a sign of the season, a great mask I passed on the street.

balloons, Jerusalem photo walk

Across the street from the Prime Minister’s residence

blue balloons were hanging and blowing in the wind.

At first I thought they were some sort of reminder of a terrorist attack

Jerusalem photo memorial

 that had killed 10 people at this spot in Adar of 2003.

But, the number 18 was not about years or the number of victims of terror,

when I looked more closely, they said:

Balloon 18 ministers is enough

 18 ministers in the new government is enough!

Jerusalem photo tour, sale sign

End of season sale signs are up in Mamilla Mall, where

Jerusalem street picture

 the humor themed art is perfect for this time of year.

Marathon sign at Jaffa Gate

The giant sign for February sport events and the Jerusalem Marathon

at Jaffa Gate cannot be missed

Jerusalem construction sign

Even with signs, the construction of new sidewalks

can be hard to figure out, and it took awhile to get around this mess.

Jerusalem protest sign photo

For months on this corner, there was a protest against racism,

in the same spot where Gilad Shalit’s family spent so many years. 

Jerusalem street photo

Today it was cleaned up and clear of all tents and banners.

Jerusalem street sign picture

You can now see the sign that says that it is prohibited to hang signs.

However, there are new signs being hung

Free Jonathan Pollard sign

across from Beit Hanasi, the Israeli President’s Residence,

“Honored President, Save Pollard.”

There are  many more signs of the Purim season,

but two of my favorites 

Mordehai street sign in Jerusalem

are the street signs named for Mordechai the Jew,

and of course,

Hamentaschen photo

 those full plates  of hamentaschen being served where ever you go.

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