Winter Noise in Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel has festivals:

Light Festivals, Sound Festivals, Knight Festivals,

and in February,  שאון חורף  or the Winter Noise festival.

It happens on four Mondays nights in February,

each time in a different location, and it lasts

until the wee hours of the morning.

This year the final event was on Azza Street.

Along the 20 stops of the route

there were hula hoops,

man juggling fire next to hat seller on Jerusalem streets

 a man selling hats next to a fire juggler,

street actors at Jerusalem festival

and these ‘what-ever they are’ characters.

festival crowd for lecture

Lectures were in the pizza shop,

lecture on herbs in Jerusalem drug store

and in the drug store too.

Azza Street at night

Each venue had people lined up to get inside.

people in book store during festival

The book store was open and people inside.

music on Jerusalem street festival

There was classical music

capoera at Jerusalem Israel festival

with Capoeira across the road,

Azza for festival

and more musicians down the way.

Around the corner on Ben Maimon Street

Jerusalem festival Winter Noise

was a stage for entertainment until almost dawn.

singer Zioin Golan

Singer Zion Golan had a stage and crowd in the small Azza Park,

crowd at festival Azza Shaon Horef

and the #9 bus had trouble getting by the crowd

Shaon Horef Jerusalem February festival

that was listening to piyutim on the corner of Metudela.

People were drinking, eating,

walking down azza

enjoying, and just strolling,

building with colored lights for fesival

next to buildings illuminated

with colorful lights.

I heard someone talking about the “Magic Carpet”

and I thought I had missed something.

shaon horef

Cute photo I thought, but what are they doing?

Winter Noise Festival Jerusalem

What selfie was he taking?

Only when I got home and saw all the photos

Jerusalem Festival

 did I realize that the man sitting on ground

in front of the green background screen

winter noise festival

was the same man whose image was projected

on the wall across the street, flying on the magic carpet.


So clever.

Never know what you will find on

or flying over the Jerusalem, Israel streets.

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