Israel Museum Big Birthday Bash

Offering free admission at one of Jerusalem’s favorite sites,

 The Israel Museum’s 50th birthday party

attracted thousands of people.

cupcakes with Israel Museum art

Special cupcakes

drinks at Israel Museum party

and colorful drinks were provided for visitors.

children's wing Israel Musteum

The children’s wing and new play area were filled with children.

Israel Museum party actor

Actors entertained in the passageways.

actor in black costume

Not new statutes,

but men were dressed in black and moving

 slowly around entertaining the young crowd.

Israel Museum for chldren

I was impressed with these two girls

who were entertaining themselves,

using their paper art project to test the water currents

in the flowing waterfall near the steps.

Future scientists? For sure!

balloons at Israel Museum party

What is a big birthday party without lots of balloons?

Shimon Peres and Jams Snyder at Israel Museum

Former President Shimon Peres was at the opening of the museum

exactly 50 years earlier.

Museum Director James Snyder presented him with his old photo,

crowd at Israel Museum

as the crowd tried to get a view of the official ceremony.

art heart Jeff Koons

This heart by Jeff Koons which is on loan to the Israel Museum

for its 50th birthday year took a little help to unveil.

large cake with edible art work at Israel Museum

But the huge birthday cake with edible art works on top,

took only minutes to disappear,

people at Israel Museum party

 and those who got cake and balloons left smiling.

Teddy Kollek had a vision as mayor of Jerusalem, Israel,

and in 50 years the Israel Museum has matured.

Happy Birthday

and many more great years.

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