When it Gets Hot in Jerusalem

It was hard to do much this week, it was too darn hot.

Temperatures in Jerusalem are usually several degrees cooler

than the rest of Israel, and most of the Middle East.

bird in Jerusalem photo

Birds always know where to always find a cool drink of water in Jerusalem.

But what about the regular folks on the real streets?

photo people in cafe on street

A street cafe is a common sight in Jerusalem, Israel.

Office space is expensive and hard to find.

photo using cafe for work

So outside cafes are a great spot to work alone,

business meeting in cafe

or to have a business meeting any time of year.

photo cafe in Jerusalem

Cafe de Paris is the newest restaurant on this site

near the Prime Minister’s residence.

The previous restaurant was not kosher and was open on Shabbat. 

There were protests when it closed.

  It is no longer open on Shabbat and it is now kosher.

But the clientele looks the same, and the only visible difference

other than the name change is that it smells

 so much better from the street and the kitchen looks a lot cleaner.

Even when it gets too hot to sit outside,

and everything during the day slows down,

deliver left outside restuarant

a favorite sight, no matter the what the weather, are the early deliveries

that are left outside the door on the streets,

that may go untouched for hours.

Hebrew on Coke Cola bottles

It felt as hot as the desert for the last few days.

Now it has cooled,

and everyone is looking forward to Shavuah Hasefer, Book Week,

and the amazing Jerusalem of Light Festival

which begins tomorrow night.  

Last year’s was  such a winner can’t wait to see what happens this year.

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