What’s Cooking?

Purim is behind us and the marathon finished.

             Thousands of shekels were spent on newspapaper ads and banners by Keren Kayemet L’Yisrael,


  the Jewish National Fund, to inform us of their world leadership meeting in Jerusalem.

Surely there are better uses for all that money,

though not for the social workers who just ended a 23-day strike, they just want a living wage, not charity.

Wonder if any of the special KKL-JNFdelegates


found time to visit the food festival in the Old City?

Beside the regular food vendors outside Jaffa Gate,

each night this week

there were a host of other food stands,

 including one,  full of beans.

Signs in the Armenian Quarter clearly showed

that not all the food in the festival was kosher.

Just in time for the festival,

the renovation project near Jaffa Gate is nearing its completion.

Before the food festival began, there was much talk about having signs for the kosher food.

However, the new electric signs directing to the Muslim Quarter,

the Jewish Quarter,

and the Armenian Courtyard are what really stood out.

Most signs in the Old City until now,

 if you could find them,

were more artistic and in keeping with the character of  the old stone surroundings.

As many restaurants throughout the Old City were serving food to festival visitors,

on Tuesday night, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman

was smiling before the cameras at a cooking demonstration.

What next?

 An arts festival will be running all week …

The clocks are changing to Israel daylight savings time tonight, 

 and the arguments pro and con have begun again–it sounds like things are back to normal,

 and it is time to start cooking for Passover.

Jerusalem Marathon 2011 Winners

Less than 48 hours after a deadly bomb exploded in Jerusalem,

streets were again clear of traffic.

street empty of traffic

Schools were closed in Beersheva on Friday, March 25

because of grad missiles.

In Jerusalem classes were cancelled

Sachar Park, Jerusalem marathon image

because the first full Jerusalem Marathon was running

from Gan Sachar, Sachar Park.

Parking was difficult, necessitating long treks to get to Continue reading