More Israeli Apartheid?

Boycott Israel Day approaches, Israel Apartheid Week goes on and on

and we hear that 6 people are killed in a mosque in Syria.

In Jerusalem,

"Palestinian men", "Friday prayer" , "Israel", "ethinic cleaing

in spite of calls for “Days of Rage”,

"Arab man", "Muslim prayer in Jerusalem"

Muslim prayer services have gone on

"Palestinian prayer time", "photo of Israeli atrocities"


"Old City walls" , "photo Arab woman"

after Friday.

Around Mamilla Mall

and the Old City walls,

"Mamilla Mall security", "increasingly restricted Palestinians"

freedom of movement is hampered only by wet and cold weather.

"security", "picture of Israeli security"

Purim security checks were required of everyone

"security barriers", "photo of Israeli security"

when entering

"Palestinians at Israeli security", "picture of Israel securtiy"

areas crowded with costumed celebrants.

As hundreds of mourners tried to squeeze on the only Egged bus

to the funeral for the murdered Fogel family,

"Palestinian woman" , "picture Arab woman"

an Arab woman was waiting at the same bus stop,

   the scene of  the Jerusalem bombing where a  woman was killed.

It is not far from Gan Sacher, Sacher Park,

"Arab children", "picture of Palestinian children"

where preparations for the Jerusalem Marathon were well under way.

Two hours before the bus stop bomb exploded,

"Palestinian students" , "picture of Palestinian children"

bus loads of Arab school children arrived at Gan Sacher

"ethnic cleansing ", "picture of Palestinian kids"

for an outing in the park.

Human rights are abused, freedom of religion is denied,

ethnic cleansing and atrocities are in the media,

but  hard to find on the real streets of Jerusalem. 

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