Israeli Soldiers

 The Israeli military units sent to Haiti were fast  and effective, saved  hundreds of lives and have started returning home.

In Jerusalem, you usually see soldiers carrying a gun,  but not always…

Both young men and women in uniform are regularly seen on the streets of Jerusalem

shopping or schlepping back to their base on Sunday morning after a Shabat  at home.



                  On duty and off, some  have parents 

                 who live on the other side of the world.

Not all action is life-threatening or serious. This week visitors from Nigeria and the Far East ‘attacked’ a group of young people in uniform going towards the Old City at Jaffa Gate…with cameras!


   Wonder if the Goldstone Report made headlines there?


Wish I had a video, perfect flash mob-a huge crowd one minute, everyone lined up and then they were gone!

                                                                        Quite a sight for these kids.

In Memory – Martin Luther King Jr

The United States celebrates a federal holiday

in memory of Martin Luther King Junior. 

In Jerusalem, Israel a street  has  been named for him.

Not a long street,

  but a new one  in one of the best neighborhoods,

off of Emek Refaim near the Liberty Bell Park.

           A few meters away is another sign,

    it is in memory of the eight people who were killed

there in a bus terrorist attack  in February 2004.

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr and those killed by acts of terror.