How Safe is Jerusalem from Earthquakes?

  Built between the hills of Judea, it seems that no part of Jerusalem is flat.

Israel sits on top of the Dead Sea Rift, a serious fault line.

 In 1995,  a 7.1  offshore earthquake occurred  south of Eliat.

The most serious threat is to the northern part of the country,

but after the tragic results of another serious earthquake one has to wonder;

how safe are we?


What about those houses on the hilltops?

Certainly with stricter codes the new construction  should be safer.

  Many older building are supported by pillars.

The addition of elevators to apartment buildings,

not only increases their value and accessibility,

but also strengthens the structure making them much safer.

Updated, April 27 

after Nepal earthquake:

 5 years since the earthquake in Haiti

some good news to see some progress,

slow but progress has been made.