Israeli Media Snow Jerusalem Blizzard

They were calling it #IsraelBlizzard.

Jerusalem, Israel, was prepared for #WhiteJerusalem.

Schools were closed, meetings cancelled,

everyone was ready.

We were braced for power to go out,

just hoping for less time than the full week last year.

image hail storm knesset

First, there were hail and fog, with very strong winds.

photo hail stones on ground

Hail stones fell after loud thunder and lightning.

photo snow on roof tops Jerusalem Israel winter storm

Snow covered roof tops quickly,


and was sticking to cars and roads.

And then,

after ten minutes,

image Knesset in snow

it stopped and a slight powder of snow

that could be seen on the Knesset grounds.

All day we waited for more,


by night fall the streets were quiet.

image snow in Jerusalem

 at bed time this was the best snow photo of the day.

No blizzard.

It felt like those old days in the DC area,

where the government and schools shut for snowy weather

that made every Northerner and Canadian laugh

and go into the details of their memories of a real blizzard.

image snow on ground outside Knesset

In the morning the Knesset had a thin cover of white,

and no serious accumulation of snow.

#WhiteJerusalem still might come over the weekend.

thermometer low house temp

It is cold though, this indoor thermometer,

 read 50 degrees first thing this morning,

so the temperature has been rising.


image bad weather

it is another grey, wet, sleet and slippery day.

After a late school opening,

the kids are out of the house,

making the parents very happy.

#WhiteJerusalem was not an #IsraelBlizzard,

even with that loud thunder all day.

Hard to believe that only four days ago,

there were those rainbow colored flowers,

Snow in Jerusalem

Snow in Jerusalem, Israel.

Is there anything else to share today?

Is there anything else people are talking about?

Yesterday the mayor called a special press conference

iamge Jerusalem prepares for snow

 to show the world the city’s new salt spreaders,

all gassed up and ready to hit the streets the with first flakes.

image Jerusalem snow

As the press closed around for their close ups,

the residents of Jerusalem were getting prepared.

image snow prep Jerusalem

This man was not going to get caught short of essentials.

image grey sky over Jerusalem

Today the sky clouded over as a grey fog came in.

Remember Varda?

image snow pep

She is all tied up in knots now.

image street clean up

City workers are preparing and cleaning streets,

as the wind is gusting and blowing harder.

image city worker

At least one city worker was getting her last shopping in.

image man running with a heater

And this man was running home with his new heater.

Cancellations are hard to keep track of!

Sure hope we do not lose power for a week like last year,

because if there really is so much snow,

how will we share those photos tomorrow?

Rainbow Colors and Rain in Jerusalem

The sky was foggy and grey.

And while there is talk of snow,

and the mayor plans a photo-op with snow plows,

I saw a rainbow of Jerusalem, Israel, flowers

in bloom today while walking home;

flowers red

red ones,

flowers orange


image huge aloe plant


green plants


image wild flowers


purple flowers


image purple flowers


(I love the shades of purple and have written whole blogs on them.)

image flowers

and white.

There is plenty of hype,

and events are already being cancelled,

but just how much snow will actually fall

and cover these blossoms we will wait and see?

Holidays Over, What Now?

Hanukkah is over

image lights for Hanukkah on street outside the president house Jerusalem

but the colorful street lights are still up and shine brightly at night

outside Beit HaNasi, the Israeli President’s official residence.

image menorah burning long time

The long-burning oil and hanukiot are stored away,

and those open windows are closed and shuttered until next year.

image menorah

This golden menorah, ready for use in the Temple, stands next to the steps to the Kotel,

the Western Wall, and it is impressive as always.

So what is new now that the holiday season is coming to an end?

image street art

Varda – this urban installation, popped up across from the shuk,

the Machane Yehuda Market: it inflates and deflates,

and attracts the attention of those who pass by.

image sign Hebrew

A new Bible study program was launched

whose goal is for many people to learn the same chapters together every week.

image cute little girl with father who is walking dog

Day in, day out, the dogs need to get out,

image dog park

and now there is a new “dog park” or area for them to run free

in the Sokolov Street Park.

image photographer

Photographers will climb most anywhere to get great

and interesting photos of Jerusalem, Israel,

image woman taking selfie

but newest thing is people taking “selfie” photos which one now sees everywhere.

This woman took one with a group of Israeli soldiers behind her.

image street scene Jerusalem

While the people are back shopping on the streets,

image store for rent

the stores come and go.

Remember those skin eating fish on King George Street,

not sure where they are now.

new hotel in Jerusalem

This new sign went up;

 I wonder how long it will take to develop this hotel project?

image ruined building

This abandoned building, one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in world,

had a fire and since then cement blocks shut the entrance,

but it is open again and remains a very neglected eye-sore.

image construction after years of neglect

However, after over eight years of neglect,

one construction fence came down this week,

and progress on this apartment building is visible.

Yes, I know it is winter and we need the rain,

but I love the mild sunny weather we had this past week,

image December roses budding

 that has caused the roses to bloom,

image lemons growing

 the lemons to ripen on the tree,

image cat

and our neighborhood cat to mellow out.

image water bottled

Time for a drink.

14 Favorite Hanukkah Lights

Hanukkah in Jerusalem, Israel, can be exhausting!

Candle lighting ceremonies seem to be everywhere,

with people arriving from all over the world.

On the first night of Hanukkah,

at the Kotel, Western Wall, at its large chanukiah,

after a lighting ceremony with dignitaries,

image menorah at Kosel

a man was covered in a white talit for the filming of a video.

image chanukiah

Chanukiot in Jerusalem restaurants are always a favorite.

image chanukiah from guitar

First night, first light in the Old City, this was most unusual,

image menorah

while simple can be beautiful.

image menorah lit at night Old City

This large electric-light covered chanukiah was near Jaffa Gate,

iamge Mamilla Mall chanukiah

and this fire-lit one in Mamilla Mall

image Mamilla Mall chanukah

that attracted a crowd below.

image Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem

The display of chanukiot in the Waldorf-Astoria lobby was new this year.

image unusual menorah

Candles were burning in the security booth outside the US consulate,

though I received permission to take this photo,

afterwards I was stopped by an over-anxious guard.

Thankfully, he did not try to delete my photos.

image chanukiah

A Chabad Chanukiah can be found on many corners,

but the one near Paris Fountain is a favorite.

image Gpo Hanukkah party

The holiday party for the international press

given by the Prime Minister was held at the Israel Museum this year.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu lit this 19th century brass chanukiah

which had been used in a synagogue in Central Europe.

image menorah in Israel Museum

Not as large as this one,

image israel museum

but also part of the Israel Museum’s extensive collection of chanukiot,

some centuries old and from around the world.

Though not a menorah

iamge old photo in Israel Museum

the lights in their eyes are certainly bright.

This photo of Natan and Avital Sharansky

with Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Shamir

as they leave Ben Gurion airport after arriving in Israel

finally free from Soviet prison,

 is one of many in a new Israel Museum photography exhibit.

And from our source of the sukkah on a camel,

image making ice chanukiah

a menorah of ice.

image unusual menorah

It was coming along, but sorry, it was a long day and busy week.

 I did not stay to see what happened when it was lit.



no matter how you spell it,

iamge Hanukkah

a great miracle happened here,

eight days to celebrate,

iamge suffganitot

as those suffganiot keep so many colors and tastes.

image Hebrew sign Hanukkah

Happy Hannukah!