Jerusalem Marathon 2014

The sun was shining for the 4th International Jerusalem Marathon,

image runner, photo marathon runners Jerusalem, picture men running

as 26,000 runners raced through the Jerusalem, Israel streets,

image winner, photo race winner, picture winner at finish line

and the winner came in with a record-breaking time.

Streets were closed,

image Jerusalem marathon, photo people walking, picture walking to marathon

so everyone had to walk to get to check in and the starting line.

image Jerusalem marathon, photo park of marahton, Jerusalem marathon photo

Once a year the graffiti is white-washed away and

a new banner is hung near the full marathon finish line.

image sign marathon, photo Jerusalem marathon

Besides the full and half marathons there are other popular races.

image Jerusalem marathon, photo starting line, picture crowd at starting line

Thousands lined up at the starting line for the 10 kilometer run.

image Jerusalem marathon, photo marathon start, picture 10 k race

The young and not so young, most dressed in colorful shirts,

iamge Jerusalem marathon, photo marathon start, picture start of marathon

and their enthusiasm off the start was contagious.

iamge people on stilts, photo men in flag colored costumes, Jerusalem marathon picture

Entertainers on stilts were dressed in flag-colored costumes,

near a special course for shorter races for the young and disabled.

image Jerusalem marathon, photo children watching for runner, picture Jeruslaem marathon

Supporters lined the streets watching and waiting.

image Jerusalem marathon, photo sing for marathon, photo Jerusalem marathon

Along the routes were

image Jerusalem marathon, photo marathon, picture water stop marathon

  water stations.

image crowd going to starting line, photo Jerusalem marathon

It was hard to get through the crowd in Gan Sacher, Sacher Park

at the start of the 10 K race.

image female marathon winner, photo runner Jerusalem marathon, winner picture woman runner

With so many events running at once, it was hard to find family members,

but we did see the winner of the women’s full marathon.

image runners, photo Hungarian runners

Over 50 countries were represented, and many religions,

image runner kissing finish line, photo marathon runnere

but we only saw one runner from Brazil kiss the finish line.

image Israeli winners at Jerusalem marathon, photo winners, picture marathon winners

Separate awards for Israeli winners were presented for best times.

Loud music pumped through the park, which could be heard kilometers away.

image crowd at Jerusalem marathon, picture crowded park , photo crowd

The runners at the end of their races and arriving for medals,

were separated by fences from the crowds of spectators.

image Jerusalem marathon, photo smiling race finshers, picture grandmother hugging girl at end of race

But some proud grandmothers knew how to get around barriers for a special hug.

iamge Jerusalem marathon, photo RavBeni Lau, picture Jerusalem maraton

And then there was the walk home.

The sun was hot.

Some runners were still approaching the finish line,

image runner late in day jerusalem marthon, photo Jerusalem marathon runner,  photo last runner

even as the streets were opened to traffic at one o’clock.

Thousands of shekels were raised for charity.

Everyone who participated was a winner.

Many have been inspired to try next year,

to enter or to train for a longer race.

image ahava emunah , picture Jerusalem marathon


 The Real Jerusalem Streets Facebook

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I wonder how many faces you will recognize?

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March Madness: Purim, Now Jerusalem Marathon

March Madness has a different meaning in Jerusalem, Israel.

Purim is a holiday that is celebrated to the max by everyone!

Not just for March Purim Madness time,

image Queen Esther, photo ester hamalka street, picture PUrim

but all year around Queen Esther has her own street.

School children start with Purim on the first day of the month of Adar,

and this being a leap year, we had two months!

image mishloah manot, photo gift packages, picture mishloah manot for sale

Gift baskets for Mishloah manot have been on sale for weeks.

The story of Esther was read in thousands of locations.

image megila reading, picture megillah reading, photo unusual megila reading

There were readings all Purim day at different restaurants,

Zazza on Azza by Chabad Rechavia was a huge success!

image Purim celebration, photo family dressed for Purim, Purim costumes

Some families take their costumes very seriously,

this one even dressed up their dog for a Purim outing.

One of my favorite costumes this year

image purim costume, photo baby purim costume

was this baby as a super-sized bag of popcorn in a baby carrier.

image large wings, costuem Pruim, photo Purim

There were a lot of winged-creatures on the streets.

image Jerusalem mayor, photo mayor Jerusalem , picture Arkat

 OMG, this fellow looks just like Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat.

And HATS, lots of hats,

image pUrim, purim costume, big hat photo

big hats,

photo fur hat, image hat, picture strimel

fur hats,

image PUrim, photo costume,

pairs of hats,

image Purim, photo purim hats, picture PUrim

hats with ears,

image PUrim costume, photo costume purim

colorful hats,

image Purim costume, photo headdreass. picture Purim costume

and hats with feathers,

image Palestinian, Arab girls in Jerusalem, Purim  photo

and here are more popular Indian feathers this year.

image shaved head, photo design shaved in hair

Not sure that his shaved head was only for Purim.

image Purim, photos purim, picture PUrim

and this I really did not understand!

image balloons, photo Purim, picture PUrim

In busy Mamilla Mall there were lots of balloons.

image PUrim, Mickey mouse costume

Posing with cartoon characters

image PUrim, photo sponge bob, picture purim fun

was for everyone, not only small children wanted photos.

Also spotted in Mamilla Mall,

image boy dressed in santa outfit, photo Purim costuem, picture Purim

at least one Santa’s helper,

image PUrim, costume arab, Google guy

a Google guy,

image man with camera, photo PUrim , costume picture

and one serious Arab shooter, aiming a nice Canon camera.

image large Purim costume, photo PUrim

Some costumes

puim costumeimage, photo PUrim , picture Purim

were obvious,

image man and children Purim, photo man in uniform, picture Purim

while others, a costume or not?

image PUrim crowd, photo Purim celebrations, photo Purim Jerusalem

Thousands were in Mamilla Mall, but I thought it was less crowded this year than last.

image PUrim in Jerusalem , photo first station, picture first station

First Station also attracted crowds this year,

iamge PUrim Jerusalem, first station inside, photo First STation purim

and now some of the area is protected from the weather.

image Purim celebratons, photo chidlren in costume, picture Purim

But watch out for wild animals!

image ice rink in Jerusalem, photo ice skating, picture ice skating

And there were lines for the ice skating rink at First Station.

So by the time Shushan Purim,

the day Purim is celebrated in Jerusalem, Israel, is over,

 posting photos seems like ending a marathon.

And now the streets are filled with signs for Friday’s

image Jerusalem marathon, finish line for marathon picture, photo Jerusalem marathon

 Jerusalem Marathon.

photo purim on Jerusalem bus, photo Purim, Image special for Purim

So until next year, Happy Purim.

More photos for those of you not fortunate enough to be in Jerusalem, Israel for Purim.

9 Photos of Israel near Gaza Border

I was in southern Israel.

image Israel, photo southern Israel , picture Israel

It was a beautiful day.

image Israel, southern Israel

The land so green

image Israel, south Israel photo

and the sky blue with amazing clouds.

image southern Israel, photo Israel

Jerusalem, Israel was wet and dark, but the south was post card perfect.

iamge south

Heavy rain the night before produced swimming pools, puddles and mud,

image south Israel, photo southern Israel

and wonderful wild flowers.

image animals Israel,

Flocks roamed and birds flew along the road.

image Israel near Gaza, road photo near Gaza

The views so spectacular that I took photo

image south under fire, photo Israel

after photo.

Then it started raining rockets from Gaza.

For two hours we stayed in a bomb shelter

before it was safe to drive home,

back to Jerusalem and the cold wet rain.

Wishing all a Shabbat shalom!

Israel Museum Fancy Dress and Old Masks for Purim Inspiration

Purim time.

Time for things to be upside down.

Postal workers were on strike for a day.

Some of the light rail workers were striking too.

The Knesset members were not showing up to vote – on purpose.

The foreign service workers are they still striking?

And David Cameron is to arrive in Jerusalem, Israel.

What a great time to get away from it all.

image Israel Museum, photo rainbow, picture in side Israel Museum

A new exhibit, opened in the Israel Museum,

Dress Codes, Revealing the Jewish Wardrobe.

image new exhibit at museum, photo Dress Codes

Israel Museum Director James Snyder gave an introduction.

image Arab dress, photo wear outside Jewish women Arab world

First were garments worn by Jewish women from Central Asia,

influenced by Muslim society, they certainly were not very revealing.

 As Jews migrated from Mashhad, Iran to Afghanistan,

image burka, Jewish

 they took the chador with them.

This was what a mid-20th century Jewish woman wore in the streets of Herat.

image ornate bras, photo under garments.

However, Rock stars could find inspiration

image garments under chador, photo undergarments.

in the underneath garments on display.

image dresses, photo museum

Clothing was influenced by environment and reflects history.

image clothes, photo costumes. picture robe from Turkey

The robe design for Israeli Chief Sephardi Rabbi came from Turkey,

the red number to the left from Morocco.

Now a few favorite photos,

image belts, photo ornate belts, early men's belts

Men’s belts, earliest male bling?

image white wedding dresses., photo fancy wedding dress, picture old wedding dresses

Elegant white wedding dresses from many parts of world.

image children's clothes, old kids cloths photo, picture old children's clothes

Baby Gap was not first to make children’s clothes like little adult wear.

image wedding dress not white, picture old wedding dress, photo Israel Museum spacial dress

This ornate wedding dress from Turkey was interesting.

Unlike in today’s disposable society, a wedding dress was worn for a life time.

image Torah ark cover, photo parochos, picture parohet

Curator Efrat Assaf-Shapira explained how when a woman died,

the fabric could be used to make a parochet,

a special cover for ark where Torah scrolls are stored.

image colorful scarves, photo pretty scarf, picture special scarf

Along with colorful scarves,

Image special talis, photo talti, picture special prayer shawl

was a special talit, prayer shawl.

If these do not give you some inspiration for Purim,

image Israel museum, photo old things, picture very old

then across the hall,

image old masks, photo ancient masks, picture masks from Juedean Hills

check out the ancient masks.

image old mask, photo mask from anciwnet time. picture old mask

These masks from thousands of years ago,

were found in the Judean hills.

After the very popular Herod, this is indeed a change.

You have six months to see Dress Codes

if you miss it let me know, I have more photos for you.

Jerusalem Cinema City Open

Hezbollah is escalating its activity near Syrian border.

The Israeli navy stopped an Iranian rocket shipment headed for Gaza,

from Syria around to Sudan, under a Panamanian flag!

Spending so much time and effort on terror makes sense to them?

Government foreign service workers are striking.

Hundreds of thousands of haredi protesters went home.

The Sandstorm from Egypt is finally over.

image Jerusalem cinema city, photo Jerusalem Cinema new, picutre Jerusalem Cinema City

And the new Jerusalem Cinema City is open.

photo Cinema City Jerusalem, image Jerusalem Cinema City, picture Cinema City Jerusalem

The area outside is landscaped with trees, flowers and signs.

Wish I knew why they used so many tall thin cypress trees?

image Jerusalem cinema city, photo Cinema City Jerusalem

Inside the fountain is flowing,

image movie theater, picture Jerusalem movies, photo films in Jerusalem

and huge chandeliers and bright floors shine.

picture cinema city Jerusalem, photo inside cinema city, picture Jerusalem movie place

The theaters are down, down under the ground.

image Jerusalem building, photo Jerusalem, picture cinema city

The foot bridge is closed off for now,

image Jerusalem cinema city, photo cinema city Jerusalem

but some shops are open.

cinema city Jerusalem image, photo Jerusalem cinema city, picture new theater

There are plenty of ticket sellers with little to do,

and freezer case in the ice cream store is empty.

There seems to be something for everyone,

image Uncle Sam, photo Cinema city Jerusalem, picture inside cinema city

Uncle Sam wants you,

image Elvis, Elvis photo, picture of Elvis

even Elvis wearing brown shoes, but with a blue guitar.

We used to use the expression “Bigger than Ben-Hur.”

But while I did not see him,

image Moses, photo Moses with ten commandments. picture inside Cinema city

 Moses is here with all Ten Commandments.

image Noah's ark, photo large ark with animals, picture Cinema city

Outside on the roof is Noah with his ark and animals,

image Smurfs, photo cartoon, picture Jerusalem unusual

and colorful Smurfs too.

image cinema city, fancy stairs photo, picture of stairs in cinema

The Zipora Express restaurant was quite full and busy.

Unfortunately, not all the escalators were working.

I did a lot of walking up and down these steps,

image disabled walking, photo woman with walker, picture woman walking in cinema city

but one woman was there with a walker.

photo Jerusalem cinema, new cinema photo, picture cinema city

So many lights, colors and busy stuff,

anyone with a seizure disorder should beware.

Actually, you could probably develop one if you walk around long enough.

image cinema city, Jerusalem new photo, picture cinema city

Jerusalem, Israel, ‘city of lions’ has a new attraction.

Lights, action, camera, but for now, the theaters are closed on Shabbat.