Woodstock Revived in Jerusalem

As soon as Tisha B’Av is over music begins to fill the streets of Jerusalem, Israel.

One event that has gained in popularity is the Woodstock Revival,

which again this year was held in Kraft Stadium near Gan Sacher, Sacher Park.

photo man and woman dressed as hippies

Dressing as hippies has become part of the fun.

image MarSea swimwear

Clothing, swim wear and other items were on sale, 

image of two women dressed in flowered skirts

but there were many who already had colorful outfits and flowers in their hair.

family dressed in tie dye photo

This was a time to take out the Marley and tie-dyed tee shirts.

This Woodstock was not an adults-only event.

image people in park

 Along with those arriving early to get a good spot there were lots of children,

image of children with hula hoop

lots of adorable children.

image old sign

This man seems to have found something to eat,

but it certainly was not from Norman’s, as that restaurant is long gone.

photo one man on stage

The stage was set for live music,

image man and daughter in park

and the flower people were all smiles.

image woman in hat

The weather and grounds at this Woodstock were perfect.

photo people carrying chairs

 People arrived ready to spend many hours.

 I had to leave to get to the Maccabiah 2013 opening ceremony,

but when I got home late at night,

 I could still the music rocking from the loudspeakers.

Woodstock originals may not approve,

but many enjoyed this revival in Jerusalem!

Time for a Break

Too many things this week are too difficult to understand.

  20 Kassam rockets and mortar shells have landed in Israel from Gaza,

while Israel sent hundreds of trucks filled with tens of 1000’s of tons

 of goods and fuel into Gaza just this past week.

Activists from around the world fight to get to Jerusalem to protest,

while the world ignores that east Africa is starving.

The murder of Leiby Kletzky z”l in Brooklyn is impossible to comprehend,

as is strapping explosives to a child making her a walking bomb,

 as they did in Afghanistan.

When child safety is not a basic belief…it is too difficult to understand.

Time to take a break for something sweeter, perhaps an ice cream

or melon that is now in season.

Or sport,

as dozens of teams gathered in Kikar Safra, Safra Square, 

for a basketball derby.

A few young women wore colored team shirts

and possibly a future star could be found in the crowd.

Cyclists were out adding color to the streets.

From Kraft Stadium, 

a Woodstock revival filled the air with music and smoke.

 The Thursday night audience was colorful…

very colorful!

The heavy warm air of last week brought vivid colors

to the summer skies at sunset,

a perfect time to take a break and just enjoy the view.

After the dark of night…the colors at sunrise were again hard to describe.

From the darkness of last week to the light of another day…


 for the refuah shelamah of Tzuriya Kochevet Bat Sarah,

may the colors of sunrise be in your future for many years to come.