Jerusalem Marathon 2012 is Coming

The Jerusalem Marathon is coming.

 Jerusalem marathon sign image

Signs announcing the March 16th event seem to be everywhere.

For months now, the grounds near Gan Sacher, Sacher Park ,

Jerusalem marathon route image

both along the marathon route around the park 

and in the park have been improved.

Roads leading into the park have new bollards installed.

While around the world “Occupy” tent cities have been emptied, 

often by police on horseback in riot gear,

Gan Sacher park image, Jerusalem marathon image

the tents near the main entrance of Gan Sacher

occupy tent image, Jerusalem tent city

 are still occupied.

occupy tent image.Jerusalem tent city image

In spite of a rainy and cold winter,

Gan Sacher tent city image

families live in the makeshift dwellings.

tent city school trip image, Gan Sacher tent image

These young people may be on the ultimate social justice field trip,

occupy tent image , Jerusalem tent city image

 wanting to interview people who have refused offers of temporary housing.

With thousands of people expected in Jerusalem for the marathon,

it is hard to imagine that this scene

occupy tent image , "Jerusalem tent city"

and these structures will still be here next month

when the Second Jerusalem Marathon is run.

If you missed the marathon last year, be sure and see:

The 2011 Jerusalem Marathon

Illegal Building

Two days of Rosh Hashanah followed by Shabbat meant three days

 with no internet or news updates, so while there were many reports

of the Quartet’s disgust with Israel for building in Gilo,

I missed seeing any mention of their dismay with the Palestinian Authority as

 Kassam rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel on the first day of Rosh Hashanah

and the Israeli air force had to preempt another terrorist strike on the second day.

Three days of  holiday meals and city garbage bins were over flowing.

After Shabbat, people could be found walking or jogging very late at night.

Changing the clocks back to standard time provided an extra hour to exercise,

but with the early sunset, there is not as much time to play outside after school.

 US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is visiting Jerusalem;

I wonder if  he noticed these “buildings” in Gan Sacher, Sacher Park?

While Tel Aviv has taken down its “tent cities'”

in this Jerusalem park one can find groups of tents,

a private “suburban” site,

and an open kitchen area.

Today a couple was moving a couch out of the park,

but some of the “buildings” look like they are ready for the Sukkot holiday.

Is there another “tent city” filling this parking lot?

No…these are supplies to build sukkot for the upcoming holiday,

when thousands of illegal “buildings” will be popping up in every open space.

For the Rosh Hashanah holiday, all regular soldiers were all on active duty,

with many stationed far away from home.

Thank you to the IDF for making it safe

 for the rest of us to celebrate all the holidays with our families.