Jerusalem Photos: Colors of Winter

December in Jerusalem has been marked by cooler and shorter days, but gloriously sunny daytime hours.

After two weeks in the United States, it was good to be back out walking on the Jerusalem streets again. In New Jersey, I was one of the very few people who walked anywhere. I found most people just hopped into a car even to do short trips of a couple of blocks.

When I returned the skyline was different, as the Jerusalem Gateway project proceeds near the entrance to Jerusalem, Israel.

One massive construction site fills the area behind the old Shaare Zedek Hospital, with other large buildings going up on Jaffa Road in the distance.

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Not been to Jerusalem lately to see the structures rising to the sky?

The new building construction seems to be everywhere!

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Finishing details outside, but more to do inside this renovated apartment building.

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On Agrippas Street one does not have to look up to see new colors and activities or improvements. Last year this was still a run-down area,

as Coffee Powerworks was opening up in the spring after covid closings.

Walking on the Jerusalem streets, the contrast of winter colors from those in the US was what caught my eye the most.

The fall colors from the leaves on trees to brilliant hues are not quite the same in Jerusalem, but you can find a little of the fall colors under the tall palm trees.

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These leaves above caught my attention before I noticed the ripe grapes.

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In the two weeks I was away, fresh green grass had popped up in the yard in Jerusalem, unlike the northeastern US.

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A favorite view of the Israel Museum is over the Valley of the Cross, turning green under the blue sky dotted with soft white clouds, after winter rain.

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Purple! A favorite – purple is everywhere along the Jerusalem streets.

All shades, as thousands of flowers were planted for winter in Jerusalem.

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Oh my, what a sight! More work on Gan Sacher, Sacher Park, after years, and years, and the dedication of the new playground a year ago, now a whole large grassy section is dug up and under construction again.

And to conclude, you never know what you will find next on the Jerusalem streets.

Does anyone know what this is? Found along an entranceway on a busy street where people regularly walk near the center of Jerusalem.

Isn’t it time for you to take a stroll in Jerusalem to see what you find?

Capture your memories of people and places on a Jerusalem photo walk.

Jerusalem Survives and Celebrates

Kav Tet November 1947, 29 November, was the day the United Nations voted for the establishment of a Jewish State.

Sign 29 November Street

A Jerusalem street, like in many other Israeli cities, has a street named for the important historical event.

There were major celebrations on 29 November 2016.

What a shame all these years later as Israel prepares for its 75th-year events that too many in the world still have not accepted Israel.

However, preparing for Hanukkah has begun!

Donuts for Hanukkah

From the trays with millions of sufganiyot, donuts,

large colorful chanukia in Jerusalem part of Chabad show

the tens of thousands of Hanukkah menorahs, hanukiot,

Hanukkah menorah near Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem Israel with Citadel

the traditional style hanukiah,

Chanukah in Jerusalem, Israel

or colorful light projections on the Old City walls, the Jerusalem streets are preparing to celebrate the week-long holiday from December 18-26, 2022.

Looking forward to seeing what’s new for 5783 on the Jerusalem streets!

Menorah Yad Vashem

A good time to remember the past as we plan for the future.

Shavuah Tov and Chodesh Tov!

Jerusalem: Days, Nights, and more Knights

After the last two years, Jerusalem appears to be getting back to life as we knew it. Crowds are filling the Old City in spite of the summer sun and heat.

The large number of visitors during vacation time means that getting a bus back to the city from outside the Kotel Plaza can be a challenge. People waiting (as seen here on the bottom right) have been known to pack on the city buses leaving the timid tourist behind.

Yes, this entrance to the Kotel plaza really was closed, temporarily to enter from the Jewish Quarter. I tried to warn people not to head down the stairs.

This was the main entrance to the Kotel, Western Wall the afternoon I went last week along with hundreds of others.

In spite of the number of visitors, the egalitarian section which is shaded from the blazing sun was nearly empty, as usual.

The main reason I went during the day was to check out the free shuttle from First Station to the Kotel. This stop near Dung Gate is where it was located before the vans stopped running during the pandemic.

The bus stop in the First Station parking lot was not marked but is in the same location.

The new vans do not look like the ones in the past, but run on the same schedule, every 20 minutes on the hour. Arrive one minute late and you will have to wait for the next one, as I did. They run on time.

They also stop at the Ir David nature activity, on the way to the Old City.

The Tower of David has an event with Knights. Only in Jerusalem can a period of persecution become a family fun activity, I was reminded of the Jerusalem Knights Festival – 12 years ago. Where has the time gone?

At night, there are the new little cars to drive for site seeing.

But also a special bus runs at night to see Jerusalem’s iconic buildings lit.

The water at Teddy Park across from Old City walls is still popular.

I was on my way to the Artists Colony, for a lecture by Irvin Ungar at the Kol HaOt gallery on the artist Arthur Szyk.

The slides presented of Szyk’s vast artwork were fascinating.

UN Security Council, 1948

(To the greatest mockery of them all, the Security Council of June 1948)

“We agree with you on every point, except your stubborn insistence on surviving…”

Note China, Syria, and Belgium sitting at the table facing an Israeli in chains in Szyk’s political cartoon from 1948.

Also later that night was the opening of the International Puppet Festival.

Smoke and skaters entertained the public as the audience was allowed to enter the Skating Park at Jerusalem’s Liberty Bell Park for free.

Mime actors and lights enthralled the young families up close.

There was action all around the skateboard peaks and valleys,

and spaces for the audience to sit and watch.

The new Train Theater hosted varied theatrical and puppet performances inside and out all week.

And by day, the Teddy Park water fountain was filled again with families at the end of the summer holiday time.

Perhaps the oldest and most Israeli festival Hutzot Hayozer is back again next to the Artists Colony and Teddy Park.

Israeli products, arts, and crafts were again featured in various booths. I went early to surprise one businesswoman setting up her space.

The big stands in the middle area held international booths in the past.

But this time, the booths from various countries were replaced with international food offerings.

I suppose Israelis who did not travel overseas this summer, consider this their end-of-summer splurge. First, you pay to get in. Then you pay again for your food. There is a different musical performance every night.

You can go for the golden seats set up in Sultan Pool, as thousands come each night for the shows. They come year after year, except during the corona time.

Besides the dozens of young security staff on guard, a fire engine waits inside ready for an emergency.

But not far away is something new, very new.

The new StandwithUs sign is on King David Street by the King David Hotel.

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Stand With Us has opened its new educational center with a program designed for groups to explain – What is Zionism.

Breaking down the Jewish story into sound bites to keep it simple.

The Israel story in its simplest form, indigenous roots, exile, and liberation, SWU is trying to reach the new instant information generation.

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The Jerusalem, Israel story is not short and goes back thousands of years.

The infamous “green line” is barely green, but I passed over it this week

to get to the New Gate of the Old City for a new Jerusalem street festival.

Inside New Gate, music and more entices tourists back to the Old City.

I was sad to see too many shops shuttered in the Christian Quarter as I walked thru to Jaffa Gate.

Oh there, was much more, but this is getting too long.

Docotext festival was back at National Library and the Outline Festival is to extend on to Jaffa Road from August 17-23.

Shalom Kitah Aleph signs went up to welcome first-grade students to the start of school. When that will be will depend on the outcome of the negotiations to see if there is another teachers’ strike.

Plenty of signs are back on the Jerusalem streets–see if you can explain this sign.

Ah, the Israel Festival returns to Jerusalem streets on September 15-22, 2022.

So there you have a bit of what was happening this week, days and nights, on and off the Jerusalem streets.

Hope to see you here soon!