Jerusalem after Another Terror Attack

Jerusalem after Another Terror Attack

 There is a spot in Jerusalem, Israel,

with so majestic a view

that tourists from around the world

are brought by the busload to appreciate the sight.

Sherover Promenade Tayelet sign

The Sherover Promenade which leads to the Haas Promenade

has a view of the Old City of ancient Jerusalem surrounded by its walls

Old City Jerusalem Israel from Tayelet

and all the neighborhoods adjacent to it.

Parties, reunions, weddings and more,

are held along these promenades, called the Tayelet.

Tayelet Haas Promenade empty on Friday after terror attack

On Friday, January 13, 2017,

they were almost deserted.

Metal fencing after terror attack on tayelet

The lawns by the road were now lined with metal barriers.

Ironically, as I approached,

a large white truck was pulling away.

Truck with learner symbol Jerusalem tayelet

It was on Sunday,  just a few days before,

that a terrorist had rammed his large white truck into a crowd

of young Israeli soldiers on an outing to appreciate the view.

Four were killed and more injured.

On Friday afternoon,

Community event at Tayelet security Jerusalem

local residents gathered at the spot,

Candles and lights on tayelet for 4 murdered Israeli soldiers

to mourn, to remember.

Boy lighting memorial candle site 4 young Israelis killed

and to light a candle

Memorial candles lit for 4 victims of terror Jerusalem

at the make-shift memorials.

They also sang songs of peace and hope,

and melodies to welcome the Shabbat.

Artists4Israel on Friday at Tayelet

While community members joined together

to take back their valued space,

Artists4Israel worked on a mural.

One of the organizers shared her thoughts,
“Our neighborhood has been hit
by several terrorist attacks over this past year,
but we continue to rise again and again,
because this is what we do.”

Mural by Artists4Israel posted on Tayelet

“There should be peace within your borders,

serenity in your palaces.”

What else is there to say?


Demon Israel

What a brilliant piece of work by the anti-Israel PR machine,

demonize Israel and the media loves it.

As I watched the AP (they used to be press associated with news, now views)

report on the “Palestinian Freedom Riders” tweeted around the world.

I could only think of the talk by Professor Robert Wistrich,

Head of the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism

at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

The claim that Israel is “stealing of indigenous people’s land

by the colonial whites” is becoming respectable.

The liberal center and moderate left in Britain find it

  “legitimate to be anti-Israel” using this narrative.

What could be better than a comparison to the Old South in the US

and the non-violent resistance of black public bus passengers.

One photo of the ‘orchestrated arrest’ was used by Newsday for an item,

“Gaza Militants fire rockets after Israeli threat,”

so much for a balanced report of

 a Gazan missile hit on an Israeli kindergarten building.

One of the best views of the Old City

and Jerusalem is from the Tayalet.

On the tayalet, by the Sherover Promenade, at the Haas Promenade

at the time “Freedom Riders” were starting out,

two Muslim men were praying,

facing to Mecca with their back sides to the Old City and Jerusalem.

So many photographers were occupied “capturing” the bus publicity stunt,

they once again missed seeing

what is really happening on the Jerusalem streets.