More Piano, Like You Would Never Imagine in Jerusalem

December 24, 2015, in Jerusalem, Israel.

Damascus Gate

All was quiet near Sha’ar Shechem, the Damascus Gate.

A short distance away is

Zedekiah’s Cave or as sometimes called,

King Solomon’s Quarries.

entrance to King Solomon's Quarry

This is the opening of the cave in the Wall of the Old City.

For Israelis, who do not have Sundays off from work,

the closest thing to a long weekend is Thursday night

through Shabbat, known as Hamshush.

For the past several years,

Jerusalem has had a December weekend festival

called Hamshushalyim, with hotel and restaurant deals,

and hundreds of cultural events, including free late night ones.

Piano Hamshushalayim

 Hamshushalyim ended this year with a unique gala event

King Solomon's Quarry

in the quarry.

Solomon stables, Zedekiah Cave lighting for event

Guests walked down and down,


to the main cave where a piano was set up on stage.

solomon's cave

Not your usual venue for a concert,

dressing room in cave

not your usual dressing room,

sign for emergency exit

and not your usual emergency exit.

Gil Shohat and Nurit Gilron

Three hundred chairs were set for the full-house crowd.

dignitaries at cave piano

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat and MK Ze’ev Elkin

 gave opening greetings after a wine and sushi buffet.

Gil Shohat

 Gil Shohat playing and

Nurit Gilron

Nurit Galron singing

performers in cave

made for an unforgettable show in this incredible venue.

When you go please note, caves are warm and humid.

Pianist Gil Shohat complained that the humidity

had affected the piano keys.

But even Chopin would have been pleased

and certainly impressed by this musical performance.

King Solomon's Quarry

The audience slowly exited along the candlelit path.

The view from the street outside

Notre Dame at night

was of the Notre Dame Center

lit with holiday lights.

In the cool night air,

while waiting for a shuttle bus back to Kikar Safra,

I had time to compare to the Pianos at Jerusalem Theater,

and my first time in the caves during the Light Festival in 2013.

What will they think of next?

Plan a December trip and see for yourselves.

As always, much is happening in Jerusalem, Israel,

but these special events are not considered news.