Jerusalem Light Festival 2014

Jerusalem, City of Light.

One of the most popular cultural events hosted in the Old City

is the Jerusalem Light Festival.

iamge Old City Christian Quarter

I like to arrive early and wander the alleyways

image Jerusalem Light festival 2014

as the sun set and the colorful lights came on.

Jerusalem Light Festival image

 This was an unique light piece in the Christian Quarter,

image palestine poster

but there were several of these posters.

imsge colorful drinks

Many more Arab shops were open this year,

 these drinks were ready for the large crowds.

The blue lights

image Barber shop in Old  City

 led us past the barbershop which was open, but not busy.

There were 29 stops along four routes.

image Jerusalem light festival

One of the most interesting was in front of the Hurva Synagogue.

iamge Jerusalem light festival

Using buildings as screens,

iamge Jerusalem light festival

for projected

iamge Jerusalem light festival

works was big this year.

iamge Jerusalem light festival

Easy to know who did “Circus of Light.”

image Jerusalem light festival

Colored lights on the walls were in several locations.

image Jerusalem light festival

This interactive piece changed as people touched it.

image Jerusalem light festival

Nearby outside the walls, these globes changed in color and form.

iamge Jerusalem light festival

This work near Jaffa Gate was an imposing structure,

image Jerusalem light festival

and looked different from the other side.

image Old City Jerusalem light festival

Along the street to the Damascus Gate were actors,

photo Jerusalem light festival

 in costume, in colorful settings,

picutre Jerusalem light festival photo

but when you got close it looked so different.

iamge Jerusalem light festival

Inside Jaffa Gate another light show shined on the Christian Information Center.

image Jerusalem light festival

But my favorite was Damascus Gate,

picture Jerusalem light festival

where the 6 minute

picutre Jerusalem light fstival

light show required a video.

photo Jerusalem light festival

Photos of this huge, colorful complex piece

will probably be favorites from this 5th annual event.

Jerusalem photo

But I also like this simple photo from the night.

The festival runs from June 11-19.

A lot of walking is involved.

It is hard to see everything in one night.

Some friends said they were disappointed,

but I think it was much better than last year.

17 thoughts on “Jerusalem Light Festival 2014

  1. How can you be disappointed? It gets better and better each year (though I forgot that I could have missed out the Blue route). Damascus Gate was my favourite too.

  2. Thanks, Sharon, for your colorful coverage of the Light Show. I wanted to see it myself, but my family discouraged me. There are so many people there that I might get shoved in the crowd, and I need to be careful since I broke my wrist this winter. My doctor told me if I fall again, it would be really bad.
    So you gave me a mini-tour of the beautiful displays.
    All the best, Edith

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  7. Thanks for stating you need more than one night. We only saw half of the routes, and the projection on the christian center was not playing when we passed. The crowd was so big you couldn’t stop to look at things, though I just didn’t see many sights along the routes we chose. In other years I saw much more, so don’t know if we just chose an off-night.

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