9 Signs of Summer in Jerusalem

The Israeli Presidential Conference Facing Tomorrow is history.

Another school year is ending. 

Summer weather has arrived in Jerusalem, Israel.

Image of Hebrew movie ad

I love to see the Disney summer movie for kids advertised in Hebrew.

Post in Hebrew image

The Herod exhibit at the Israel Museum continues to draw visitors.

image for Formula One

Jerusalem Formula – The Peace Road  Show is gone.

image sign for Maacabiah in Hebrew

But sports fans are excitedly awaiting thousands of Maacabiah

participants to arrive soon for two weeks of sporting events.

Hebrew sign image

The New Old Train Station is new site of culture and food and fun,

Hebrew sign with English translation wrong

but one of my favorite signs disappeared the day the site opened. 

Teddy park sign

When the Teddy Park fountain is really working I will share the photos, 

meanwhile it has been closed and this sign was correct for only one night.

Hebrew names on Coke bottle

This is still one of my favorite signs,

but the excitement of this ad campaign has settled down.

Poster in Hebrew for summer of inspiration

Summer of inspiration.

Waiting to see what will happen next on the streets of Jerusalem.

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