Snow, Snow and more Snow in Jerusalem

Yesterday I was complaining that a 20-year-old photo

was posted showing snow in Jerusalem, Israel.

snow in Jerusalem photo

Then overnight it snowed in Jerusalem, 

snow in Jerusalem photo

and snowed 

Snow in Jerusalem

and snowed.

Snow in Jerusalem photo

Black and white photos?

No, at times everything looked white and grey.

Jerusalem snow photo

Lemons were still yellow, frozen lemonade anyone?

Snow photo Jerusalem

Israeli flags were still blue and white,

Jerusalem snow photo

and at least one cat was out.

Jerusalem snow photo

The Knesset Building as seen in a lull in the storm,

Jerusalem snow photos

The Israel Museum could not be seen some times in the storm.

Jerusalem snow photos

People came out to play and walk in the white stuff.

Jerusalem in snow photo

Nachlaot red roofs were colored white, as was the Valley of the Cross.

Jerusalem snow photos

When the sky cleared it was a beautiful sight.

Jerusalem snow photos

Some larger vehicles ventured out.

I wanted snow in Jerusalem,

Jerusalem photo snow

and we got it!

Snow photo Jerusaelm

I got my Jerusalem snow photos, so please share them,

 I have had enough snow today for the next 20 years.

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