Aliens Land on the Knesset or Go Fly a Kite

No matter what you read in the media about Israel,

the end of August is all about what to do with the kids.

There are no regular ganim and school does not begin until next week.

Take the kids to “office camp” is an option, or

call on the grandparents or any able-bodied (even non) adult,

to help look after them.

There many things to do in Jerusalem, Israel, in August, 

but the annual kite festival at the Israel Museum is one of my favorites.


Looking up at the colorful kites can be dangerous,

The Israel Museum

if you are not careful and trip on the strings on the ground.


Many kites got stuck in the trees,

The Israel Museum

but people were still smiling anyway,

The Israel Museum

except this one man on the wall who was determined to get his kite down.

kite, The Israel Museum

Not all the kites ended up in the trees though,

The Israel Museum

as some soared over the crowd 

kite, The Israel Museum

in the Billy Rose Sculpture Garden.

kite, The Israel Museum

Blue and white kites were popular this year

The Israel Museum

 with many of the families who filled the grounds.

For this 27th annual event, over 7000 people registered, 

The Israel Museum ,

and even more spread out over the wide expanse of the Israel Museum.

The Israel Museum

There were not just colorful kites,

but also Kabuki Theater entertainers,

The Israel Museum

providing music,

The Israel Museum

and more color along with entertainment.

The Knesset

So did aliens land on the Knesset?  Not really.

The Knesset is across the road from the museum and this soaring kite 

The Knesset

looked like it was landing on the roof.

No aliens landed, and there was no violence, 

kites, The Israel Museum

 just enough wind and music and kites, for a day of families and fun.


More photos to be posted on The Real Jerusalem Streets Facebook Page.

17 thoughts on “Aliens Land on the Knesset or Go Fly a Kite

  1. What a lovely report. Sharon, you are one terrific eyewitness and recorder. There is so much good in Yerushalayim and the press ignores it. Thank goodness, we have you to champion the true Yerushalayim .May HaShem bring you much success and lots of nachas from your generations🙂


  2. Unfortunately, here school has already started. You would think that people would be willing to enjoy the summer and then have their kids start school, but no…

  3. You know, no matter what the press says – Yerushalayim is one of the 10 best destinations in the world! Life, energy, meaning and happiness all reside in this golden city. Thank you for showing its beauty.

  4. Dear Sharon, You bring a smile to my face. How wonderful to see the life in Israel. Children smiling and doing many creative projects. Thank you for sharing. I wish we were there. My Best Sarah Chasky

  5. When my husband needed ideas for what to do with the grandkids, I told him to just fly a kite!

    I had lots of other plans for yesterday. I took the big ones a few years ago. I guess they don’t remember.


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