Purim Favorites

As the sun set in Jerusalem on Friday, 


after days of dressing up and celebrating, Shushan Purim came to an end.

Even though Purim is over, I would like to share a few favorites.

Sometimes it is hard to tell what is a Purim joke

sign  misspelled

and what isn’t, but this sign in Mamilla Mall did get attention. 

candy , "candy store" "candy display"

Mountains of candy are bought for and consumed on and after Purim,

 Machane Yehuda Market, the shuk, is a favorite place to get the right thing.

"Purim costume"

In the Rova, The Jewish Quarter in the Old City,

this Fiddler on the Roof costume was a favorite of the afternoon crowd.

But in Mamilla Mall,

duck, Israeli soldier

 I liked the Israeli soldier carefully watching the duck.

emergency responder

 The emergency medical crews were wonderful, responding quickly

to aid young men and women who had too much to drink.

Men were falling down and staggering alone in moving traffic;

it is truly a Purim miracle that no one was killed.

One young woman in the Old City was sitting on the street crying,

not a pretty picture with her mascara running down her face.

There was feasting and singing in the Old City,

but the sights of excessive drinking were depressing.

I wonder what went through the minds of unsuspecting tourists?

balloons, "tying balloons"

Then as I started home, I spotted this young yeshiva student making balloons

and giving them to passing children. What a simple and uplifting sight…

even more so when I realized that the young man is my nephew!

walls of the Old City "photographer"

The clear skies were wonderful for photographs

and the warm weather was great for being outside.

Many who were out during the day 

were surprised to find themselves sunburned when they got home.

Palestinians  "Palestinian families"

And near the end of the day, my favorite:

 even with drunken Jews on the streets of Jerusalem…

 Arab families felt safe enough to shop and go for a stroll on the mall.

11 thoughts on “Purim Favorites

  1. Sweat cakes – oh my! But they look delicious, judging by the picture. I would eat one. Or two. What a humorous difference one little letter can make.

    I am really enjoying seeing your Jerusalem streets. I probably say that with every comment, hope it’s not getting old. But it’s true. The next best thing to being there myself.

  2. Why Israeli businesses can’t hire any Anglo at all to proofread is just beyond me, but it does make for very hilarious signs, menus and labels.
    Great pictures!

  3. Love your Purim post. About the arabs feeling comfortable anywhere: I wish I had had my camera to photograph all the Arab guests at the Hotel by the Dead Sea where we spent a few days last week. Fully one third of the guests in the dining rooms, lounge, pool, were Israeli Arabs feeling quite at home!

  4. In addition to your keen camera eye, your comment about Arab strollers not being afraid of drunk Jews tell the whole story!

    Please know, that for us in Chutz L’Aretz, this photo essay is like a trip without getting on a plane. Thank you!

  5. You commented “the picture of the “soldier’ watching the “duck”. Bibi has ruined every duck joke there is now: If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck etc. it must be a duck – in this instance it was the cutest little duck. I loved her feet and her Mozetz- the little boy in red looks like one of mine.
    As usual lovely pictures and comments.

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