To Celebrate…62

Yom Ha’atzmaut

Israel Independence Day

6 Iyar 5770                   April 20, 2010

For many families the transition from Yom Hazikaron

into the celebration of Yom Ha’atzmaut is difficult,

"picture Yom Hazikaron"

 going right after an intense day of mourning into party mode.

 But there were many and varied ways to celebrate this year,

62 years of the State of Israel.

Plenty of blue and white and flags,

   nighttime party options;

food and drink and music and fireworks…

 well into the night and morning hours.

For many families the day is begun

by watching the televised

International Bible Quiz

held at the Jerusalem Theater.

This year there was extra security,

as the Prime Minister’s son was the

finalist representing Jerusalem.

Provisions for extra security

were well under way the day before.

"picture President house Israel"

Located around the corner from the theater is Beit Hanasi, the President’s Residence

 where the annual Israel Prizes are awarded;

this could explain the blimp hovering over the area in the morning.

 The real Jerusalem streets were getting ready to celebrate,

parking spots on the sidewalk along Gan Sacher were filled quickly in the morning.

Not only was Gan Sacher full of people, but also

parks and nature strips all around the city and country, with people and mangals, BBQs,

the smell of grilled meat filled the air; a day for family and friend reunions.

Even the signs leading into Jerusalem were in holiday mode,

displaying holiday greetings and symbols, instead of the usual traffic congestion and accident warnings.

After dark Gan Sacher was still busy with people celebrating,

as the last remains of the charcoal turned to ash.

After all the celebrations,

people moved a little slow and looked a bit worn the next day.

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