Jerusalem International Arts and Crafts Fair

No matter how you spell it,

Khutsot Hayotser or Hutzot Hayozer,

the annual Jerusalem International Arts & Crafts Festival

is a huge end-of-summer Jerusalem, Israel event.

It fills the Mitchell Garden,

Khusot Hayoster

with a massive stage and seating in the Sultan’s Pool,

Jerusalem Artist Colony

and bustling alleyways in the Artists’ Colony.

Arriving before sunset,

Jerusalem summer night

the Tower of David can be seen in the background,

Jerusalem international arts festival

above the booths where 200 local artisans

display their works for sale.

For over 40 years,

botth at international arts fair Jerusalem

a night-time Israeli family-fun tradition,

Spray paint artist at fair Jerusalem Israel

showcasing a wide variety of art forms.

At the extensive food court,

Jerusalem kosher food

it is hard not to find some unusual and new food to sample.

Glass and wood, leather and ceramics, and metal work

are featured popular craft items.

Making ceramic piece at arts fair

This year, workshops were offered

woman making metal jewelry

by the Bezalel “White House” project,

organized by the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design,

with opportunities to learn from

talented students of the design school and purchase their handiwork.

But this festival is international too,

with exhibitors from Argentina and Armenia,

Jerusalem International arts fair

to Uzbekistan and Zimbabwe,

Jerusalem international arts fair

with Madagascar

Jerusalem International arts fair

and Mexico in between,

plus Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

At one of several booths for Chinese wares,

China at Jerusalem international arts fair

there were smiles for photos,

Jerusalem international arts fair

while a llama stood on guard for Peru.

Jerusalem international arts fair

These Korean dolls were colorful and delicate.

Entertainment specially designed for children

Musical performers at fair

and some shows to complicated to explain

Jerusalem International arts fair

went on after dark and well into the night.

In addition,

Musical stage in Sultan's Pool for concert

every night, popular Israel musical acts

filled the huge Sultan Pool stage.

Every night tens of thousands of Israelis

celebrate the end of summer in Jerusalem, Israel at the fair.