Jerusalem Fall Colors Under Snow

Jerusalem, Israel is preparing for cold weather and snow.

The Mayor announced a photo-op with snow plows, 

and the Prime Minister has already cancelled an event

for foreign press to be held on Thursday in Jerusalem.

Even a dedication scheduled for Friday in Tel Aviv was postponed.

So I had better get moving and post this already.

One of the things that many from the eastern United States

miss coming to Israel are fall colors,

 autumn, when leaves turn amazing colors before they fall.

image Jerusalem, photo David's Village, picture East Jerusalem

There are a few spots where you could see leaves changing color,

 but we have different colors in Jerusalem. 

image Jerusalem, Jerusalem flowers, picture flowers in Jerusalem, J Street

Recently we experienced weather so warm that the plants 

image bird in Jerusalem , photo bird, image bird

and birds

image bird of paradise, Jerusalem picture flowers,

could be confused.

The weather sure was wonderful for the record-breaking number

of tourists who came to Israel in November.

Wohl Rose Garden photo, image from Rose GArden, picture Jerusalem nature spot

But now, there are reports of a serious five-day winter storm on the way.

picture Yemin Moshe, image Yemin Moshe, picture Jerusalem,

 From the streets of Yemin Moshe,

image rose, picture Jerusalem flowers, photo Rose Garden Jerusalem

to the Wohl Rose Garden,

Jerusalem pretty picture, image lavender, photo of Jerusalem garden

here are a few photos of Jerusalem fall colors.

Two years ago they said it would snow and it was disappointing,

but last year was the real thing.

It has turned cold.

image boys bird watching, Jerusalem bird sanctuary photo, image bird watching

Now everyone is waiting and watching.

Will it really snow?