Jerusalem the Week Before Hannukah

Another week of contrasts-

ups and downs, warm sun and cold rain.

The highs and lows on the Jerusalem, Israel streets

as Hanukkah quickly approaches.

John Kerry may have gone home after his short visit,

but the cat who crashed his

Injured IDF Beit Hanasi 110

red-carpet arrival ceremony was still around watching over Beit Hanasi, the Israeli President’s official residence.

Injured IDF Beit Hanasi 004

One sunny day, youngsters with Israeli flags were singing and dancing down Ben Yehudah Street, toward Jaffa Road and the Old City.

Injured IDF Beit Hanasi 006

Around the corner, it was quiet, with some new graffiti on the wall.

Turn the next corner and you see that renovations to the Froumine House,

which was the home of the Israeli Knesset from 1949-1966, have begun.

Injured IDF Beit Hanasi 012

It had been the home of the rabbinical courts,

but was vacated some time ago.

Now it is to become a museum on the history of the Knesset.

Injured IDF Beit Hanasi 021

Down the street the new Beit Avi Chai building displays colorful posters for activities and upcoming Hanukkah events,

Injured IDF Beit Hanasi 035

while across the road, one of the most valuable real estate properties in the world is home to those who sleep in this stone shell.

Injured IDF Beit Hanasi 039

It has this sorry looking neighbor,

right across from the Jewish Agency Building

where the masses gathered and danced on November 29, 1947.

The date when the UN Partition Plan for in Palestine was adopted,

one of the most joyous days in Israel’s history.

Sadly, the Arabs did not accept the UN resolution

and started attacking the next day.


In Jerusalem, there is a street named for the day.

Hard to believe, but this photo has received 73,313 views and 308 shares since going up on Facebook on the morning of November 29.

On the afternoon of the 29th,

Injured IDF Beit Hanasi 050

a special ceremony was held to honor Israeli soldiers

who had been severely injured in various military actions and wars.

Injured IDF Beit Hanasi 051

Alive, but injured while safeguarding their country.

Injured IDF Beit Hanasi 091

The program was a bitter sweet experience,

it was great to see these men in wheelchairs being honored,

but it’s a shame that there have been so many wars.


Injured IDF Beit Hanasi 042

outside this biker was on one wheel racing down King George Street.

The week before Hanukkah is always a busy one.

This year people are weary and wary because of the “situation.”


Injured IDF Beit Hanasi 044

 there is an international dance festival going on,

Injured IDF Beit Hanasi 045

 a jazz festival at the Israel Museum,

Ruchie G 117

and the annual December special weekend event called Hamshushalayim.

There are tourists groups around,

and some had to change their plans because of the weather.

The 17th Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival will be taking place from December 7-12, 2015.

Ruchie G 116

Cinema City not only has films for Hanukkah, but a special candle lighting and a ‘giant happening’ on the fifth night.

Ruchie G 122

Chabad has their lights ready to go on most of the busy street corners.

The decorative menorahs are on the lampposts,

ready to go for the first candle on Sunday,

while the city has posted signs below,

Ruchie G 124

Happy Holiday of Lights,

Hanukkah sameach

from the real Jerusalem streets.


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