18 Signs of our Times

The last week has been another roller coaster one,

with so much attention centered around Gaza,

which in Hebrew is Azza.

image street sign hebrew

There were even jokes about Azza,

Street that is, which is near where we live.

image Operation Protective Edge

No jokes, as 64 Israeli soldiers died,

and one went to this Jerusalem, Israel school.

The death notices posted and displayed inside are in his memory.

Many more soldiers were injured.

gifts outside room of injured Israeli soldier

You could spot the hospital rooms of injured soldiers

by the collection of gifts near the room and

the well-wishers in the hall waiting to enter.

hebrew sign

The banner reading

“Soldiers of Israel, we are with you the whole way, return in peace,”

was displayed on many Jerusalem buses this week.

image large Israeli flag

This synagogue had its flag flying at half mast.

image Israeli flags on cars

Small Israeli flags were flown from cars,

flags on building for Opertaion Protietive Ege

and the Jewish Agency Building brought out their large flags

and this special sign, all in support of Israeli Army.

image signs in Hebrew

Flags and signs were hung in Paris Square,

image signs Operation Protetive Edge

even hand painted ones were allowed to stay.

image Hebrew signs

Children’s summer activities were moved inside,

Tisha b av

while signs announced free admissions in August.

In spite of everything, there were signs of development,

032b dig for construction

 as construction continued deep into the ground.

Tisha B’Av with its signs of mourning,

image Israel Tisha Bav

  sitting on the ground

while reading Eicha, in Gan Ha’atzmaut, Independence Park.

9 Av5774 050b  tisha b av in Jerusalem

Hundreds joined the 20th walk around the Walls of the Old City

on Tisha B’Av night, with many waving Israeli flags.

The route was changed this year.

A funeral was being held on Mount of Olives for a young father

who was killed by a terrorist driving an excavator on a Jerusalem street.

Security was high,

iamge Kossel

but the crowds were not as large as usual

near the Western Wall, the Kotel,

a sorry sign of these times.

poster #EyalgiladNaftali

And this sign,

 it was just  announced that Hussam Kawasma,

the Hamas terrorist who planned and commanded the terror cell

that kidnapped Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Sha’ar and Naftali Fraenkel

has been arrested.

image for support of Israeli army

“We Are Strong Together,” in bold letters on another sign.

What a time it has been.

Today the strange winter clouds have lifted,

the sky is again a clear summer blue.

From people passing on the street you hear the words

“shooting” and “ceasefire,”

but tension felt in the air seems to be lifting too.

image Hebrew sign

Next time we plan to share photos from the new exhibit

at the Bloomfield Science Museum,

as everyone gets back to ‘normal’

on the real Jerusalem, Israel streets.

Photos of happy, smiling  family reunions as soldiers return home

are filling Facebook pages.

 Oh well that was quick, red alerts are going in the South,

36 hours into 72  Gaza is firing rockets again!

Now saying false alarms.

What next?

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