Pope Francis Preparations in Jerusalem

Pope Francis is on his way to the Middle East for a quick visit.

Before his arrival in Jerusalem, Israel,

image welcome sign Pope

signs have been posted in English

image pope

and Hebrew,

image pope visit.

lots of signs,

image Vaitican flags, photo Flags of Vatican

and lots of Vatican flags.

Tens of thousands of tourists are expected,

including hundreds of journalists and photographers.

image Skorka, photo Skarka

Rabbi Abraham Skorka from Argentina, is a close friend of Pope Francis

 going back more than 20 years.

They co-authored a book and anchored a TV show together

before Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio became Pope.

 Skorka was involved in planning this Papal visit

 to the Holy Land from its inception,

he said every detail has been carefully examined.

image Pope preparation, photo getting ready pope

The steps at Heichel Shlomo got a power wash,

while inside,

in the hall where the Chief Rabbis will greet the Pope,

image pope visit, getting ready for Pope in jerusalem

the current photo exhibit was carefully removed.

image pope visit, Heichel shlomo art

Special pieces from the Museum on the third floor were

 brought down just for the Pope’ s Monday visit.

On Monday parking will be limited.

Streets will be closed.

image president house Jerusalem

Security and barriers are already up at Beit Hanasi, the President’s residence.

Preparations are so extensive that one woman told me she was already,

all poped out.

But my favorite,

image preparation for Pope  visit

in preparation for the Pope,

Paris Fountain

image fountain

was having a bubble bath to get clean.

Last Papal visit in May of 2009,

pope in limo

I really wanted to see the Pope Mobile,

but Pope Benedict arrived in a regular limo.

Will be interesting to see what will happen this time.



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