Fair Price

Let me begin my stating that I do not approve of any rock throwing

or any kind of violence against Israeli police or army by anyone.

 “Price Tag” reports from last week were extremely upsetting

 and they were condemned by community leaders.

But there is another phenomenon that needs to be addressed.

For years I have collected photos in a folder called “Street art:”

they are photos of signs

and colorful graffiti that I found around Jerusalem.

Recently I did a whole post using some of these pictures.

However, in the last few weeks,

the graffiti on abandoned buildings

and in the city center has noticeably increased.

Some time ago these small designs appeared outside an apartment building,

but this overnight attack on the same building and adjacent street sign is not art.

People living in the building are upset,

they contacted the authorities who just shrug their shoulders.

Jerusalem businesses have also been the target of this type of graffiti.

This drawing was found near Kikar Safra, Safra Square,

next to site of the municipal government and Jerusalem City Hall.

The walls around the monastery in the Valley of the Cross

have also been defaced by vandals recently.

“End the occupation” and other graffiti was scrawled on this public property,

an entrance to Gan Sacher, Sacher Park, in the center of Jerusalem.

The media has ignored this plague of recent graffiti vandalism.

Every Friday for months Israeli activists from left-wing NGOs have been

on the scene at demonstrations where rocks are regularly thrown at Israeli soldiers.

That incitement and those extremists have been handled with “kid gloves.”

The “Price Tag” phenomenon is a terrible thing and a cause of concern,

but what is needed is fair and balanced reporting on the left and right.

Until we come together as one people and respect personal and public property,

anti-Israel forces will use all these incidents to undermine Israel’s security.