Number One in Jerusalem – Education

The holiday season has come and gone, though Israeli flags and colorful flowers can still be seen along the Jerusalem streets.

Like every year, this small decorated porch rates as a favorite sight.

The Shavuot holiday started as Shabbat ended, making it a two-day holiday celebration for many Israelis. But outside of Israel, it was 3 days long, so no complaints. This all-time favorite image is from a wall mural when the Jerusalem Cinema City when newly opened.

We moved last week. With too much to do, packing, sorting and tossing (can you believe the strap on this bag was so old it disintegrated!) I had to pass up so many events that I will not try and list them all.

But if there is only one place to go in Jerusalem to take a break, the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens would be at the top of the list.

To see the brides posing for their wedding photos in the lush gardens,

and multiple groups attending workshops and meetings, it is hard to remember this was a Jerusalem garbage dump not so many years ago.

Go a bit further up the street (why do all Jerusalem streets appear to only go up?) from the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens is the Hebrew University Givat Ram campus. On top of the hill is the Kfar HiTech, High Tech Village sign.

Across the Begin Highway from the Hebrew University campus is the ever-growing and expanding, Azrieli College of Engineering Jerusalem. Remember back in 2019 there were so many events it was hard to keep up?

And on the other side of the highway is the growing and expanding Lev Academic Center, Jerusalem College of Technology JCT.

For the one event I attended this week, Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion was the featured guest and speaker.

It was the groundbreaking ceremony for the Machon Tal Campus of JCT.

Currently, Machon Tal serves over 2,100 women studying at JCT. 

How good to see the current President of Lev Academic Center Professor Chaim Sukenik and Professor Joseph Bodenheimer, JCT’s fourth president (1993-2009) that evening. 

Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon, the Rabbinic Head of the Jerusalem College of Technology was also at the groundbreaking, important event.

The Machon Tal Hackathon in 2019 was impressive, along with the other Israeli – Jerusalem – innovation labs and startups. The new women’s campus will be the permanent home of future academic excellence for up to 3,000 female students in nursing, computer science, industrial engineering, accounting, and management.

When he entered and the entire time Moshe Lion had a broad smile.

A happy and positive event, filled with smiles was the one piece of “work” I was able to manage this past week.

The new campus is poised to provide increased opportunities for religious women to pursue higher education and attain quality employment in scientific and high-tech industries.

It will enable the opening of an industrial engineering and management track as well as a new nursing program for Haredi women, and a brighter future. More photos HERE

I did not get to the Israeli Education Week events at the Jerusalem International Conference Center I had on my calendar.

Back to unpacking, but I wanted to share this one important education story you may have missed seeing.

Full disclosure, I have known Professor Sukenik and his wife, a long-time friend, for many years.

Who would guess we took Organic Chemistry in college at the same time, our paths diverged, and we would meet up again on the Jerusalem streets?

Hope to see you all on the Jerusalem streets – and for a happy occasion!

Jerusalem Lightricks, Unicorns and Israel Innovation

Jerusalem Lightricks, Unicorns and Israel Innovation

Israeli startups raised over $650m in July

Three of the financing rounds in July created unicorns –

startups with a valuation of more than $1 billion

was the headline in Globes Business News English online edition on August 1, 2019, for Lightricks.

Lightricks at Hebrew University Givat Ram Jerusalem Israel hi tech

I visited Lightricks, located on the Hebrew University Givat Ram campus, in the spring.

I got a great paper notepad. However, now I regret not taking better notes and more photos.

Jerusalem Israel Lightricks on Givat Ram at Hebrew University

In the old HU university dorm buildings, Lightricks has grown quickly.

Lightricks Jerusalem Israel

The outdoor locations were bursting with colorful flowers.

Being located on the HU campus, it has become one of Jerusalem’s entrepreneurial hubs attracting the best and brightest.

View from conference room of Lightricks in Givat Ram Hebrew University campus

From the conference room window, you can see one of the outside paths. This is not your typical big-city working space.

I had gone to Lightricks as one of the tour options of Forbes Women Under 30.

JVP Forbes under 30 Women entrepreneurs at JVP in Jerusalem Israel

The diversity of the international groups of young entrepreneurs Forbes brings to Jerusalem at JVP has always been impressive.

Just one of the amazing things happening in Jerusalem, Israel, I wanted to share with you.

Jerusalem Israel Azrieli college Chinese delegations

International trade missions, as this one from China at Azrieli Engineering College at a JlmBioCity BioMed and Pharma pitch-night, now stop in Jerusalem on a regular basis.

But I want to share three diverse entrepreneurial Jerusalem groups you may not have heard about.

The IDF Intelligence Unit 8200 has gained attention though I do not know what they really do.

Soldiers leaving this elite army have gone on to establish impressive startups and innovative businesses.

Carmel 6000 entrance in Har Haztozfirm

A new addition to startup entrepreneurship with volunteer service is Carmel 6000.

A select group of young women has the option to do volunteer service combining hi-tech with social needs.

One of their projects was a collaboration with AYLN Children’s Hospital.

Wheel chair sensors by Carmel 6000 for Alyin children's hospital in Jerusalem Israel

What did the hospital need? A warning system for when a wheelchair was backing up. Here you see the sensors created by Carmel 6000!

Machon Tal hackathon in Jerusalem Israel

In June, Machon Tal of the Jerusalem College of Technology held its Hack@Tal. This educational program is geared to young religious women, with childcare support on campus.

Jerusalem Israel religious girls at Machon Tal hackathon

Another startup creative entrepreneurial competition to create applications for existing problems.

Nearly 200 young women worked day and night on their designated projects.

Machon Tal hackathon in Givat Shaul Jerusalem Israel

From ways to get ambulances through traffic efficiently to a wireless baby monitoring system, students collaborated with an approaching deadline.

Jerusalem Israel tech Machon Tal hackathon

With babies in tow and mentors to guide, the Hack@Tal was…I am at a loss for words of how impressive and positive. Women and STEM have come a long way in Jerusalem, Israel.

Jerusalem Israel MassChallenge Finale at beit Shmuel

The 4th MassChallenge Finale was held last week at Beit Shmuel.

Ten startups were selected from 44 businesses mentored and nurtured by staff members and 200 volunteers, and go on to the US to compete.

While at the end of June, Starting Up Together sponsored by MassChallenge, Rothschild Foundation and Peres Peace Center had a pitch night at First Station.

Jerusalem Israel First Station pitch night for Standing up together

PlayClean won the competition for its application for residents to report garbage to be cleaned up in a fun way to municipal governments.

Jerusalem Israel Bedouin pitch idea for Starting Up Together

Participants from Rahat worked on a website for local women to sell their crafts.

Group pose at Jerusalem First Station MassChallenge Stating up Together

Bedouins from the south, Muslims from the north, and Jews from all over in between, everyone is a winner on evenings like this one.

BioHouse, MadeInJlm, and now FemJlm are more names in startup Jerusalem.

Go north to find WeWork in south Tel Aviv – Hero Makers TOM out to change the world for the better. In Kfar Batya there is an amazing new high school space called Innovation Gogya.

Jerusalem street umbrellas

The umbrellas are up again over Yoel Salomon Street for summer.

But there is so much more happening than a colorful image for tourist season.

Watch out world, from these diverse Jerusalem streets great things are happening.