Hanukkah Holiday Lights

 For the eight days of Hanukkah,

so many lights were burning brightly,


from the olive oil flames of the religious yeshiva hanukkiot,

to the large electric candelabra

Hanukah 024b

at the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem,

across the road from each other.

Many stores and restaurants had candles lit,

 inside or in the windows for all to see.

chanukia in front of restaurant

This one Emek Refaim Street was hard to miss.

What was missing were the large numbers tourists

usually around this time of year.

A little Photoshop was needed to fix this photo,

electric menorah as street decorations

as those street light hanukkiot were hanging in fewer locations

 and often not all of their parts were working.


menorah on Emek Refaim

there was no shortage of Chabad hanukkiot

on street corners,

Chabad chaunka menorah on car

and on top of cars.

One favorite was the large hanukkia burning brightly

Gush Chabad chanukia

 at the Tzomet HaGush bus stop,

 recently the scene of too many terrorist attacks.

The major annual hanukkiot were

Knesset chanukia

on top of the Knesset,

Hanukkah in Jerusalem

outside the Jaffa Gate entrance to Old City,

koseel menorah

and inside near the Kotel, the Western Wall.

A friend reports that new pink spot light was removed

by the end of the holiday.

menorah in Jerusalem Israel

This new one in town was my favorite.

The lights on the Old City Walls

lights on wall of old city

were of s’vivonim, dreydles, games and fun.

Of course, the holiday foods and parties were on going.

BBQ in Old City on Hanukka

This BBQ in the Archaeological Park of Old City,

fed hundreds of the security personnel who stand out in the cold

day and night protecting us from the next terror attack.

And there was music,

Hebrew sign for Hanukkah music

from a show at the new Arena Stadium,

as well as thousands of family gatherings and community events.

The lights and sounds of Hanukkah

came forth from Jerusalem.

For those who were afraid to walk the streets this year,

next year in Jerusalem, Israel.

No matter how you spell it,

חנוכה or Chanukah,

is a special time you should not miss.

Lights in the Square

In some Jerusalem neighborhoods, Chanukah is celebrated

  with eight nights of singing and dancing in public areas.

Following two wet and rainy evenings…for the seventh candle,

on Monday night, December 26, 2011,

the weather was perfect in Mamilla Mall.

 Men were dancing to the live music,

but everyone tried to stay clean as they ate the sufganiot.

The official Jerusalem Chanukah celebration

  ‘Or Bekikar’, ‘Light in the Square’ was held in Kikar Safra, Safra Square

 on the seventh night of Chanukah.

The program began with the lighting of the Chanukiah and blessings.

However, this festival of light had little to do with the holiday;

it was a light show with loud music.

 Traditional Chanukah characters were missing.  

Actors from the Mystorin Theatre Group circulated in the crowd,

while illuminated characters entertained from above.

Hundreds of people partied

and posed for pictures 

with the entertainers.

A female singer was the opening act on the large stage and

performers with lit torches juggled them from special small stages.

 Still more characters kept coming.

Electrical wiring strung for the evening almost caused an accident,

but audience members rushed to help and were ready 

 for the next character who was able to avoid a collision.

Lots of color and light filled Safra Square,

and DJs kept the music going during breaks in the live music.

It was especially nice to see that the event was accessible to the disabled.

The night air was getting cooler, so by the time the next performer

and the headline band came on stage,

 the glowing heaters were really appreciated by the crowd.

The audience was a mix of all ages and populations in Jerusalem.

Thousands of people were celebrating in public squares and streets

all around Jerusalem on the seventh night of Chanukah

…that was what was really happening.

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