9 Signs End of Summer in Jerusalem

The end of summer.

The end of August in Jerusalem, Israel.

The Hebrew University is locked up tight,

no students, no classes, forced vacation time.

It is finally possible to stay inside without air-conditioning.

The water from the cold tap was actually cold!

Purple flowers growing on roof of building in Jerusalem Israel

Flowers have grown to the roof top.

This purple flower is always a favorite

against the white Jerusalem stone and the blue sky.

Jerusalem scouts build structures out of cut tree branches

The Scouts have been busy building towers.

One girl in Jerusalem Israel Museum at end of day

The last child of the day ran through the Israel Museum yard.

The end of August,

Mother and children walking to park in Jerusalem Israel

and these children are headed to the park.

Summer day care is over, parents are at work,

and most schools have not yet begun.

So it is no surprise to see a little girl

Summer in Israel & parents take children to work, even at President's house

¬†at Beit Hanasi, the Israeli President’s house,

as we were waiting for UN Sec-Gen Antonio Guterres

to come from meeting President Reuven Rivlin.

Kitah Aleph postcard welcome from Mayor Nir Barkat

There are long lines to pick up school books,

and purchase school supplies,

as families get ready for the first day of school.

Street signs for teachers and education at start of school year

New signs have gone up honoring teachers

and education in Jerusalem.

Prayers for before Rosh Hasahana Jewish New Year

Signs are up for selihot, pre-Rosh Hashanna prayers,

recited either early in the morning or late at night,

Pomegranate on tree ready to pick

and the pomegrantes are ready for picking.

These are signs of the end of summer in Jerusalem, Israel.

And in the you-never-know-what’s-next department,

the helicopters hovering overhead

were not to transport the Prime Minister,

but to entertain the crowd of children below.

Jerusalem men coming down side of building in Government Square

The crowd also watched men rappelling down the side

of Jerusalem’s main municipal building

Backyard view of Hadera rental house

End of summer, soon only photos and memories will remain

from the long summer school vacation time.

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