Jerusalem: Old and New

Jerusalem, Israel,

old and new,

changing  and improving.

There is a mosaic tile on Emek Refaim Street

Prutah Jewish War against Romans on sidewalk Jerusalem

which reads on the right side at the bottom,

Prutah of the Jewish War against the Romans (68-69 C.E.)”

and with a Q code on the left for your smartphone.

Emek Refaim Street view

Emek Refaim Street has been in the news lately

as the light rail system is planning to expand and be built on the street.

That is a red and yellow protest sign.

Will there be tracks just like those on Jaffa Road?

The whole area in southern Jerusalem is changing.

Many buildings in the area are of poor quality,

put up quickly when Jews came in large numbers,

in 1948 and again in 1967.

building being redone Tama 38

Tama 38 is an incentive for builders to redo existing buildings,

adding elevators, penthouses, enlarging apartments,

and strengthening structures to withstand earthquakes.

Restaurants come and go,

for rent sign

 as do those ‘for rent’ signs.

Ten years ago,

Papagio building

this one building stood out,

tall and attractive and new above the Talpiot skyline.

building in Talpiot

Talpiot is an industrial area once known mostly for its garages.

opening of new biz center in Talpiot

This week another tech start-up initiative opened.

Yosef Abramowitz cutting ribbon

With music and a ribbon cutting,

places to sit and work,

with hi-fi and rechargers available – 24-7.

crowded street

There is still much to work on with parking and driving,

view of garage in Talpiot

but Talpiot is changing, as those garages of the past

building in talpiot

are being replaced with modern office buildings and showrooms.

Hadar Mall in Talpior from back,

The Hadar Mall has expanded and improved.

 AACI,  the Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel,

Talpiot office building AACI

moved to Talpiot six years ago.

Many people were upset that it was so far away.

Now Talpiot is another example,

view from above of old and new Mekor Chaim

 of the old and new in Jerusalem.

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