Hadassah Women Cause Chaos in Center of Jerusalem

This week Hadassah celebrated its 100th birthday with 

its centennial convention in Jerusalem, Israel.

red flag

Red Hadassah banners are flying on the streets near hotels, 

as 2000 women and associates converged for a very special dedication.

Hadassah Hospital Jerusalem

The impressive Hadassah Medical Center covers a vast campus.

Construction of its newest building has taken years,

construction cranes

in October 2009, construction work could be seen above ground.

Hadassah construction

By November 2010, much of the outer structure was completed,


 work often extended well into the night.

Hadassah new building

As part of  the centennial celebration this week,

the new medical center building was dedicated.

I wish I could show you inside

Hadassah hospital

where Israeli Jews and Arabs work side by side

to give and receive the same expert medical care.

Hadassah has accomplished so much and has reason to be proud.

A salesperson in a shop in the center of Jerusalem complained that  

Hadassah red shirts

 those Hadassah people in red tee-shirts were causing chaos in town.

Hadassah , red shirts


Please friends keep shopping and come back to Jerusalem, Israel, 

to cause this kind of chaos anytime!

flag 100

Happy 100th birthday Hadassah,

 thank you and keep up the great work!

Updated with special thanks to Karen F. for sending photos of those red shirts!

12 thoughts on “Hadassah Women Cause Chaos in Center of Jerusalem

  1. I was sure you caught them. Scrooge in Jerusalem? It was wonderful to see so many come despite the Iranian mishigas (not to mention the Syrian, Turkish and Egyptian mishigas) thanks agsin

  2. It was amazing – I turned onto the top of Ben Yehuda St this week around noon and it was a sea of red. Thousands of Hadassah supporters here on tour, in their fire-engine red T-shirts, shopping, eating, strolling. It was wonderful. I stopped as many of them as I could to tell them how much we appreciate their support. And Hadassah being our home-away-from-home the way it is – we really really appreciate all they do.

    Hadassah women and their partners – please keep coming back!

  3. Thanks, all. To clarify: for Jerusalem storekeepers, taxi drivers, hotels, Hadassah Centennial Convention as the best week ever. I’m so proud of the thousands of visitors who defied predictions of a pre-US election missile strike to come and celebrate. About the Kotel, 7 buses of Hadassah women went at night to an event sponsored by the Women of the Wall, but Anat Hoffman was arrested before most of them arrived. The women continued to the Kotel for private prayer and meditation.

    • Thanks Barbara, The girl in the shop was commenting on how busy she was, very good chaos!
      As for the Kotel, appreciate your comment clearing up the situation.
      Hadassah has done wonderful work for Israel for a whole century, so Kol havavod to all the wonderful women involved.

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