Erev Sukkot in Jerusalem

The Sukkot holiday season begins early in Jerusalem, Israel.


Starting before Yom Kippur, in every empty lot,

like mushrooms popping up, there are sukkot for sale.

shach on car

The early bird gets the good schach for the top of their sukkah

and the top of the car is the way to get it home.

Space is limited,


 so you’ve got to grab your spot early and get your sukkah up.

sukkah, sukka sleeping

Some people really move into their sukkah for the week, 

decorating and sleeping in comfort.

sukkah on camel

 This sukkah on a camel is a favorite photo,

but would anyone really want to sleep in one?


It takes time to shop and select the perfect specimens of lulavim


and etrogim for the holidays.

sign hebrew

Sukkot happenings are too many to list, but I liked this new sign.

Meanwhile, this year

for sale sings

 there are plenty of “For sale” signs in time for the invasion of tourists.

The New Year messages,

bus holiday sign

will switch to the Chag Samaech, Happy Holiday ones and

Jerusalem street

some very busy shopping areas will close for all the days of Sukkot.

holiday cookies

But we are expecting a lot of guests,  

so it’s back to the kitchen, because one day of baking will not last long. 

coke bottle

Chag Samaech!

13 thoughts on “Erev Sukkot in Jerusalem

  1. As always, EXCELLENT! Our first Sukkot in Eretz HaKodesh and it’s totally delightful & fun. This is THE only place in the world to be for Sukkot. So much to see, choose from, and decorate with. RBS may not be Yerushalayim but the excitement, anticipation, and creativity are here going full steam. Markets, housewares & hardware stores, craft shops, and ephemeral specialty Sukkot necessities stocked in open air “stores” are stuffed with eager mitzvah fulfillers. What great photo ops. Just think, only 6 more months until Pesach…

    To you and your beautiful family, a sweet year of good health, joy, success, parnassa, nachas, contenetment and PEACE!

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  3. There is always much too much food. Apart from huge Rosh Hashanna meal, we celebrated the birth of a new grandson this week and the brit was yesterday – more food. Last night food again in the Succah – actually HAD TO make a special effort to get to חדר כושר this morning and feel better for it. Chug samaech to everybody. May this coming year, bring us peace and security.

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