Fire and Flames

The first candle of Chanukah was lit on Wednesday night, December 1.

 In Kikar Zion in the center of Jerusalem, a fire truck assisted with the ceremony.

As we have mentioned repeatedly, a fire truck is a rare sight on the Jerusalem streets.

We were so excited  to get a close-up of a real hook and ladder, forgot to take a picture of the crowd.

Huge fires raged in the Carmel beginning on Thursday, the first day of Chanukah until Sunday.

What a shame it took a tragedy of such magnitude to highlight the seriousness of the situation.

The funerals and sadness continue, and so do the small fires and flames…

In Mamilla Mall, people arrived early for the candle lighting ceremony on the fifth night of Chanukah.

The chanukiah was lit as most of the crowd stood quietly or sang along.

Nearby, in the Rova, the Jewish Quarter, a choir led the singing inside the Churva,

where the first candle lighting in the new synagogue was led by Education Minister Gideon Saar.

 Only invited guests were allowed inside the Churva, but the ceremony was screened on the outside wall.

Out on the streets of the Rova, people were also participating in other candle lighting ceremonies.


The flames of the chanukiah near the Kotel, the Western Wall could be seen on the wall to the left

and in a large chanukiah near the wall.

On the plaza near Jaffa Gate, the large chanukiah

was lit by Mayor Nir Barkat.

After several tries to light the shamash in the center,


 it was left unlit-the fire wouldn’t cooperate.

Throughout Jerusalem, flames could be found inside


and outside.

On Chanukah, the smallest flames 

can burn the brightest.

Happy Chanukah!


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