Just Chanukiot

In Jerusalem, the variety of chanukiot, Chaunkah menorahs,

seems without end.

In Mamilla Mall, a traditional style

is on display near the unusual

 and the hard to describe.

 There are chanukiot on top of tall buildings.

One ‘candle’ is added each night to the chanukiah on the Knesset building.

This store display of silver ones was dazzling, 

but the first night of Chanukah these simple wine bottles

in a bar window were also beautiful, 

as was the chanukiah on a fast food restaurant counter in the Old City.

The chanukiah in the Mahane Yehudah market, the shuk,

had lanterns for lights. 

Someone might assume there is religious significance to plastic chairs,

as there are so many

chanukiot placed on them.

Every night the Old City has been full of walking tours,

with people wandering  the streets looking for lights

in normally shuttered windows.

The chanukiah near the Kotel, the Western Wall, is very impressive,

as is the one which reads “Gilad Shalit lives” and

this chanukiah which remembers all the MIA’s.

And Chanukiot line some of the main streets.


Happy Chanukah

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