Shutdown, Lockdown

Getting around  Jerusalem is never easy, but mid-day on Monday, it was impossible on Agron Street.

Police cars blocked the road near the United States Consulate Building.

The building was locked down and employees were not allowed in or out.

Biking and walking  in nearby Gan Ha’atzmaut, Independence Park was not allowed.

There was an explosion as a suspicious package was blown up in front of the building.

Buses were stopped,

and with most of its passengers long gone, one finally turned around to escape.

Red police tape kept cars away from the scene.

Usually one blast means it was someone’s lunch or underwear,

a second explosion indicates explosives are in an abandoned bag.

Traffic lights were off, and police were directing cars.

Normally  after suspicious objects are blown up, activity begins within a few minutes.

Maybe it was WikiLeaks anxiety, but the road was closed to traffic for some time after the explosion.

Or perhaps it was a warm up for Tuesday?

An all day, large-scale drill for preparedness in the event of a missile attack is planned,

and at the sound of a 90-second warning siren at 10:00am,

all schools and municipal employees are to go to bomb shelters.

There should be more traffic snarls as fire and rescue units go through their exercises.

It is never boring on the real Jerusalem streets.



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