Away From it All

The headlines this week were full of scandals.

It was not easy, but we found a few places away from it all…

At the International Conference Center in Jerusalem 

there was an international stamp event.

Going to the main entrance, and then finding this sign was not a good start;

but as the information sign on the marquee changed, we finally found the correct entrance.

Inside the hall it was bright and flags were colorful.

One could wander around alone studying the old stamp collections

or join a group tour.

There was even an option to make your own stamp.

Photo booths were available for portraits, so

everyone could find at least one set of special stamps.

Stamps not your thing?

The annual Oud Music Festival is on until November 25.

Or you could have joined volunteers for a Package from Home ,

who packed bags for Israeli soldiers with winter items.

Two very productive hours away from it all…and for a great cause.

That is the Real Jerusalem Streets…..


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  • November 25, 2010 at 2:16 am

    I have always liked Israeli stamps. I think the art on them evokes good thoughts in me.


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