11 Signs of Passover in Jerusalem

spring flowers in Liberty Bell ParkIn the streets of Jerusalem, Israel,

you can feel the holidays approaching.

People are arriving from around the world,

 tourists are everywhere.

OK, sometimes you can hear it too,

with people honking at rental cars unsure of their next move.

With a long list of things to do it was hard

to decide what to share first,

Sign Mummy at Israel Museum for Passover

the Mummy at the Israel Museum,

Passover in Jerusalem Israel

or maybe the special Passover and spring activities

at the Bloomfield Science Museum?

Jerusalem Israel sign for Matzah festival

The Matzah baking in Kikar Safra was great

for those who went and

Jerusalem Israel signs

it is unfortunately too late to see the Jerusalem Arts Festival.


a sure sign Passover preparations are heating up,

Peasach preparations. boiling water to kasher silverware

large pots of boiling water can be found in multiple locations,

every last bit of chometz, bread products must be gone by Monday.

Children are out of school for the holidays.

Train Theater music for Passover

A Spring Musicale is at the Train Theater April 12- 18.

36 museums and attractions around Israel will be

 free of charge from April 12-16, thanks to Bank Hapoalim.

Passover sign for Begin Center

The Passover story at Menachem Begin Heritage Center

is one of the free events in Jerusalem,

also included are the Bible Lands Museum,

 the Museum of Islamic Art, and the Botanical Gardens.

Shabbat hadagdol drusha signs

Signs are posted for the Shabbat Hagadol derashot of prominent rabbis,

many synagogues will have special lectures this Shabbat.

Jerusalem Israel scene in spring

Look around and you will see signs

spring flowers in Liberty Bell Park

and smells of spring flowers along the Jerusalem streets.

Sign Passover Hebrew Jerusalem Israel

Look up and these signs line the road,

Chag Aviv Sameach,

Happy Spring Holiday,

is happening in the Jerusalem.

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