Genesis: It’s about Finding your Genius

Have you found your DNA?

Last week in Jerusalem, Israel,

the Genesis Prize and Jerusalem Opera

were the topics of the headlines.

Violinist Itzhak Perlman,

who overcame serious disabilities

Itzik Perlman at Genesis Prize

to succeed as a master musician,

received the Genesis Prize.

dancer at Genesis Prize ceremony

Individuals can make beautiful music,

 dance and spin like top,

Jerusalem Opera in Sultan's Pool

or sing on an opera stage.

This week at a Temech Conference,

Rabbi Breitowitz speaking to Temech Conference

for hundreds of Israeli female entrepreneurs,

Rabbi Yitzhak Breitowitz speaking at Temech Conference

Rabbi Yitzhak Breitowitz inspired with words

of Torah and Jewish values.

Emma Butin followed in opening plenary session.

She asked, “What is the one main value you offer?”

What is your DNA?

Emma Butin at Temech Conference

Waze offered social mapping.

Airbnb used professional photos.

FedEX had overnight service.

Google found its DNA arranging information.

They made billions of dollars.

Keep it simple.

No big words, she advised.

Hundreds of women met, talked,

Ramada Hotel set for networking at Temech Conference

and networked at the Ramada Hotel all day.

Looking to Grow Big, Grow Smart,

and advance their businesses and services.

Growth may not lead to billions or millions of dollars,

but thousands of families will benefit.

What is your DNA?

Have you thought about your core value?

How many have found their genius?

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