Jerusalem Autumn Colors

Autumn means beautiful photos of fall foliage

  from the northeastern United States.

There is nothing like that in Jerusalem, Israel.

unusual tree

 This year I found one tree with some fall colors.

But, as those US multi-colored leaves fall to leave bare limbs,

dates on palm tree

Jerusalem palm trees fill with ripe dates,

Israel fall flowers

and fall flowers burst out over the sidewalks

Flower beds are being planted,

flowers planted at Beit Hanasi

and a new flower bed has been added outside

of Beit Hanasi, the Israeli President’s residence.

Yemin Moshe

The fall flowers of Yemin Moshe are always a favorite.

With a sandstorm this week,

Montefiore Windmill

the Montefiore Windmill was turning briskly,

but hard to see against the white sky.

emek rafaim street

Some streets have been too quiet since tourism has been down.

The German Colony is sponsoring special events

every Monday evening in November and December.

tourists from Australia near Begin Center

Australian tourists were enjoying a free day to see sights.

Not far away a female tour guide was injured in a terror attack.

walking with stroller in Jerusalem

 A friend was out walking a grandchild

with her whistle handy in case of trouble.

People are more wary and careful going about their business.

Jerusalem cat

But oh, those cats, 

While I pass women walking with pepper spray

 in hand ready for whatever might happen,

Jerusalem black cat

Jerusalem cats have a special chutzpah.

Those cats hold their ground no matter what.

And in the fall,

 Jerusalem cloud formations,

with the blue and white sky at sunset.

sunset Jerusalem sky blue rays showing

Ten measures of beauty descended to the world;

nine were taken by Jerusalem.

Talmud Kiddushin 49b

Autumn in Jerusalem,

the seasons change.

Days are shorter and cooler,

the dark hours of night longer.

The cycle of life goes on.

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