Rain in Jerusalem


Two afternoons in a row,

I got caught in the rain on Jaffa Road.

Real rain, not the wispy stuff we have had until now,

but the winter kind we get in Jerusalem, Israel.

Varda on Yaffo

One lucky guy found shelter today under the Jaffa Street installation.

(One section was blowing open, but more on that thing another time.)

If you are lucky your umbrella does not blow away

rain in Jerusalem

and neither does your pink hat cover.

Part of Machane Yehuda Market, the shuk,

Machane Yehuda market rain

 looked like a waterfall as collected rain water came down.

rain in Machane Yehuda Market

Slippery puddles did not stop the shoppers

or the workers from doing their jobs.

Machane Yehhuda market

In the shuk, somewhat dry inside.

Fresh figs in shuk

were piles of fresh figs,

Machane Yehuda market sufganiot for chanukah

and suffganiot ready for Hanukkah.

Apple cider mix in shuk

A mix for hot apple cider sounded good,

Shuk in Jerusalem

but paper napkins that said ‘Pesach Sameach’

Happy Passover?

clouds over Jerusalem

When the rain stopped the sky was filled with clouds,

but I failed to find a rainbow.

Seems that winter is here, and

you never know what will happen next

or what you will find on the Jerusalem streets.

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